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Blue Cross Bowl Postgame Recap from FME!

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We'll do a postgame show this Sunday at 3:00 Central Time.   We'll have interviews with all Coaches postgame for Division 1 Title games.   We had 10 of these 12 Coaches on our show this season, so it should be a relaxed and interesting interview as we get their take on how the games played out.   Please take the time to SUBSCRIBE to our channel so you can set a reminder to catch the show.   Anyone still following the boards at this phase of the season is either a diehard fan like us or directly involved in theses games through one of the 12 teams.   We appreciate those of you who joined us this season.   It's been a great year for us and we look forward to an even better 2020 season on the Friday Main Event!  Here is a link to the show for Sunday if you'd like to navigate there now and turn the reminder on:

Friday Main Event Blue Cross Bowl Postgame Recap

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1 hour ago, JacketLover said:

Hey Mike, are you and Lee going to do a preview show of the championship games? 

No sir.  Only 6 games to discuss and we definitely wouldn't want to bother any of those guys as they prepare this week so we'll only do a post game show this week.

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It was awesome getting a chance to meet many of you guys this weekend in Cookeville!  We've had an incredible season here on The Friday Main Event and we'd like to again thank CoachT for his continued support of our program!   I think Coach Thompson truly sees our show for what it is, a non-profit broadcast dedicated to the sole purpose of shedding some light on Coaches, kids, and programs that may not get alot of exposure otherwise.    I can't tell you how many Coaches we were able to talk with this weekend that expressed gratitude for the time we put in to this and it means the world to us that we've gained their respect thru hard work and trying to do things the right way.    Lee and I look forward to next season and even expanding our coverage more by visiting schools we haven't made it to.   We absolutely love meeting new football fans and appreciate all you guys that have taken the time to check our show out this season.    

The one thing we request that we've requested all season is that you will subscribe to our channel.   The only requirements to subscribe to the channel is that you must have a Google Account and be logged in to your google account.   There is never a charge to subscribe or watch any of our shows.   Google owns YouTube and that is their only way to track the popularity of a particular channel.    Subscription is not required to watch our show, only appreciated.  (Again, there is no charge for it)Our final LIVE show will be today at 3:00 PM (Central Time).    We'll discuss all the title games over the weekend and you'll hear from every Coach that played in the Blue Cross Bowl Division 1 Title games.   We also were able to interview a few of the players post game (not as many as we would of preferred, but other media outlets made it hard to grab some of the kids).   Here is a link to show today.   Again, thanks so much for you continued support:

Friday Main Event 2019 Blue Cross Bowl Recap

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2 hours ago, JacketLover said:

You guys need to come to Springfield next season Mike. I’m sure Coach Wilson would love to have you and I bet he would feed you pretty good too!

Yeah, we definitely will try and get up there next year.  Met some great folks this weekend from Springfield. 

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