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    How can the TSSAA justify NOT HAVING 4 CLASSES in Basketball?

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    2 replies to this topic

    #1 BushLeague



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    Posted 6 days ago

    Earlier this year, TSSAA voted against going to 4 classes in Boys & Girls Basketball, Baseball, Softball.  They released the classification for 2017-2021 today.  TSSAA classification plan makes no sense whatsoever and is completely unfair.  There are a number of schools that the TSSAA slotted to compete in 4A Football (1102-827 enrollment), but AAA (largest class) in Basketball, Baseball, Softball (2513-1033 enrollment).  So, their Football team will compete for state titles against schools with as few as 827 enrolled students; while their Basketball, Baseball, and Softball squads will have to compete with schools as large as 2513 enrollment!!! 


    It gets worse ... these same schools that are AAA in Basketball/Baseball/Softball and 4A in Football - are 2A in Volleyball and Soccer!!!  The AA Soccer enrollment numbers are as low as 668 and the AA Volleyball numbers are as low as 583!  To recap, these schools play schools with an enrollment as large as 2513 in Basketball/Baseball/Softball, but as low as 827 in Football; 668 in Soccer; and 583 in Volleyball!!! 


    How does that make sense?  Whatever happened to playing in a league against other schools of similar size and geographical proximity in all sports?  Why does the TSSAA have 6 classes in Football, but only 3 classes in Basketball, etc? 


    The following schools should be LIVID: Seymour (1102), Portland (1089), Liberty Tech (1083), Lawrence County (1082), Springfield (1081), Montgomery Central (1077), Kirby (1067), Stone Memorial (1061), Anderson County (1060), Spring Hill (1053), Tullahoma (1042), East Hamilton (1038) and Sequoyah (1033). 


    If any of these schools advances in the AAA Region, Sectional, State Tournament rounds in Basketball, they will potentially do so by playing opponents that are MORE THAN TWICE THEIR SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!  In many cases, they have to do this to get out of their own District!!!  For example: Stone Memorial's 1061 has to defeat Cookeville's 2203 to advance from their own District!!! 


    TSSAA spent a lot of time considering the Division II changes and made sure Football kept their 6 classifications.  Class A schools pushed for the changes that made the majority of private schools to depart Division 1 for Division II.  Now, the large schools are stuck to play the MEGA-SCHOOLS.  But, I'm scratching my head why Basketball couldn't have 4 classes to make for competitive balance? 


    TSSAA - you can fix this for Basketball - add a 4th class and keep the MEGA-SCHOOLS separate from schools that are LESS THAN HALF their size!

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    #2 dmm88



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    Posted 6 days ago

    Yeah, Liberty isn't the only one. Adamsville, Scotts Hill, and Riverside all will be AA in basketball next year. Other than the Riverside girls, I don't know if the others can compete with schools with 400 more kids than them.
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    #3 chizzel



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    • PipPip
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    Posted 6 hours ago

    TSSAA = Bush League! They will continue to cater to only football & snub other sports & genders until coaches/principals/schools OPENLY take a stand against them. The BCAT has yet to prove that they have the backbone to get things done like footballs association does. Now it's on the school's.....
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