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  1. If you will buy me a couple of grilled chicken sandwiches, I'll try and tech you how to eat during the game.
  2. Seems older refs call a foul if you just get your hands up, whether you touch someone or not and whether they are in position or not. Younger officials seem to have adjusted to the improved athletic ability of the girls and seem to let them play. I have a few of the older guys in mind that I just hate to see show up at the game I choose to attend that night. They should watch film. I did it for a while and it is tough, but it makes it easier and the coaches respect you a lot more, if you hustle to get in position.
  3. And S Gibson did defeat Crockett in OT last night
  4. Macey Lee will not win Miss Basketball in this group. She may very well win it though, as she is now in Division II.
  5. What city is this St. Agnes team from? I know there is one in New York, Houston and St Paul.
  6. I think Eagleville is returning all their players also. State tourney may be most competitive ever in A.
  7. With all of the already mentioned teams, add Greenfield and Memphis Hillcrest. Hillcrest is young and after the initial shock played Greenfield pretty even @ Greenfield.
  8. Will do GF. I have actually been to a few Greenfield games. Went to Bethel last night and watched Loretto and Summertown again. Great game. Summertown had their chance to win, missed a few free throws. I thought the big girl for Summertown should have been involved more offensively. When she wanted to be involved, she was hard to handle. You shoot when you are 3 feet from the goal and that big. Summertown is scrappy. Loretto is long. They cover a lot of ground in the 1-3-1 and 2-3 zones. Either team will be difficult to eliminate. I think Greenfield scores more consistently. Weathers is automatic from the free throw line.
  9. Weathers is a great freshman talent. She reminds me a lot of a younger T. Darby. She is not as seasoned as Tess or Chloe at this point. Loretto as a team doesn't handle the ball well enough to beat Greenfield. Loretto's size could give GC problems. But again they better handle the ball better. Summertown is also pretty solid. Could upset Loretto in region finals.
  10. Wish I could, I will be on my way to Texas. I will be tuning in on the radio. Pulling for your girls!
  11. Not sure why Huntingdon folks want to get rid of Coach Lowery. Not too many people have been to multiple schools, built programs from the ground up, sustained them once they get there and end up with over 800 wins.
  12. Got to attend a drawing a few years ago. Had a basket full of names. Little kid drew them out. 1st name goes in the top of the bracket and they work their way down in order unless 2 teams from the same region are drawn, then the 2nd team goes in the opposite bracket.
  13. I think 93.7 FM from Milan will have the game.
  14. Same thing in the 8th grade. Best back to back classes since 98-99
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