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  1. National Team Lineup

    I'm not mocking you KG and I'm sorry that your feelings are hurt but sometimes truth stings. Nothing said in my message was untrue. I've personally talked to 5 coaches from Regions 7 & 8 and have heard secondhand from a few others that NONE of them were ever contacted about this opportunity. I think it is a great opportunity for those who were chosen to go on the trip and never did I say any of them were unworthy. I DID however, say that there are others who, given the opportunity, might have earned a spot on the team but your method of selecting the team deprived other well deserving wrestlers an opportunity. Is it coincidence that the two organizers of the team have almost half of the represented wrestlers?
  2. National Team Lineup

    Are you serious? Point being that the best freshmen and sophomores in the state should have had the opportunity to participate or AT LEAST the opportunity to wrestle off for a spot rather than a few coaches hand picking a team based on who is on their team or their buddy's team. If this was a privately supported team like Higher Calling has sent in the past then choose who you want but I'm pretty sure this is a TN AAU sponsored team and should be representative of the entire state.
  3. National Team Lineup

    I'm a bit confused as to why the wrestle offs are cancelled and a team representing the state was hand picked instead. All coaches do not monitor CoachT and there are several I've spoken with who had wrestlers (that finished ahead of some on the team) that would have been willing to make the trip but had no idea wrestle offs were being cancelled and the DADDY BALL METHOD of choosing a team was taking precedence. Six wrestlers from WC/SH and no one from West Tennessee, something seems amiss. I'm not sure who made it, but this seems like a very very poor decision.
  4. My final thoughts on the 2018 State Tournament

    The coach was asked to stay on the mat as the official went to the head table. Once Mike Parker came back to the mat and told the decision was final, the coach left the mat. I don't think the head coach did anything wrong, he stated his case for his kid. The fans and the assistant coach, on the other hand, were out of control. Cleveland has a great group of above average wrestlers who win the majority of their matches but they do not currently have any Chris Debiens. Their consistency wins. No one has the level of consistency top to bottom and until that is found, no one will challenge. Beech seems to be getting there quickly by scoring tons of points with a few studs. I'm not sure any of their top points scorers graduate this year (I know Rippy graduates but he only scored 15 by forfeiting out). If Beech can fill in the uppers with a few top 6 wrestlers they will be contending.
  5. Region updates

  6. Region updates

    I agree that Region 2 needs to be revamped. It seems there are some very good wrestlers out that way but some have no business in Franklin. And before you jump on me, Region 8 also has some very weak weights-it appears we will send some kids to state with losing records. The whole state could benefit from a region reshuffle.
  7. Region updates

    I'm not arguing your seeding method MyBoyBlue. I was just using your Region as an example since it was the largest and Fargo was saying a region with more wrestlers would be tougher to advance through to state. My point is when a 7 seed places 3rd it is probably not the toughest region to advance through, even if it is the largest.
  8. Region updates

    This is a very interesting analysis but more numbers don't necessarily mean harder competition and therefore toughest to come out of. Without studying all the 145 brackets for every region, I would say Region 4 was the toughest. Region 4 only had 6 wrestlers but the chances of a 5 or 6 seed coming out of this regions was very slim. Region 7 had 16 wrestlers but a 7th seeded wrestler placed 3rd.
  9. Region updates

    145 - 6 returning medalist 120, 126, 132, 138, 195, 285 - 5 returning medalists 220 - 4 returning medalists 170, 182 - 3 returning medalists 113, 152 - 2 returning medalists 160 - 1 returning medalist 106 - 0 returning My best guess is 145 will be the toughest to place given the number of returning medalists and the layout of the bracket. 106 as would be expected has the fewest returning. 160 is VERY weak. I'm not sure why but 160 cleared out in January. I can see at least 3 wrestlers at 152 not including Rippy or Graham moving up to 160 and being finalists. I can see the tournament's outstanding wrestler award coming from 126, 132, or 145.
  10. Brackets are out

    How would you all suggest they seed the tournament if not by using Region results? Maybe the "rankings' you are using to base your argument are invalid - 4 of the top 6 in pin-tn did not even win their own Region, yet they are top 6 in the State? Harrison Phillips, a returning medalist AND Region Champ will most likely see the winner of Wilson/James in the quarters. There are 4 returning medalists in the bottom of the bracket and only 2 up top. How would you spread it out?
  11. State Dual Results And Updates

    Stay in shape and get in position to make the right call? You obviously have not been to a match in a while! These are the two biggest complaints I hear about officials.
  12. Too bad TSSAA doesn't wrestle for true second like they do in AAU.
  13. What is it the kids say these days - shaking my darn head
  14. State Dual Results And Updates

    Different match. That was a match point - the wrestler lost in OT because he blew his nose on the edge of the mat, not a team point.
  15. State Dual Results And Updates

    I think we have all resigned ourselves to the fact that many of the officials in Tennessee want to be the center of the show and insert themselves in too many match situations. Case in point, you said yourself you haven't been here in a couple of years but felt the need to come on and mention the officials. Typical official behavior. That being said, there are some VERY good officials in our state and the officiating at State seemed decent for the most part. There are always those head scratchers where you are wondering how the official's regressed back to their teenage days when they can't hold their own temper and decide to insert themselves and make a difference in the match. The Arlington match is a good example. No excuses but I'm not sure that was the proper call.