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  1. Pin-TN Rankings

    I'm beginning to question the validity of these rankings. 138 has had two kids ranked from Summit for a while now. Are they that good that they get two ranked kids? 1381. Cody Matthews (Cleveland)2. Daniel Bradford (Blackman)3. Nathan Porter (Summit)4. Job Dooley (Franklin)5. Luke Story (Science Hill)6. Cole Klingensmith (Summit) Brown is not at 138 for Halls. Its Ian Morgan who has beaten #6 Frye. Burns is at 138 not 132. Wysong at 132 is not eligible this season. Matthews #1 at 138? HA! Horst #1 and Borders #6 even with Borders win over Horst? Mann hasn't been at 113, hes wrestling 126 Harter hasn't been at 152 all season, hes 160/170 Whiteside #4 at 145? Based on? Wilson #1 at 160?
  2. Bradley Invitational - Live Stream Fri / Sat

    Looks like Teaster might have been looking ahead to this match and Jalen Brown proved that was not a wise choice. Blackman leading the team score. Heritage is way behind in 6th and also was not in top 10 at the US Army Classic in Kingsport last week. Is Heritage overrated?

    Artis-I know we are boys and all now so I feel obligated to offer some friend to friend advice. Stop the shameless begging in an attempt to fill your closet. Someone told me you plan to give the swag as Christmas gifts. Surely this can't be true.
  4. Artus- Thanks for the shoutout and for finally showing some love to my Tigers. Memphis area is strong this year! And its time to pull the plug on Beech and get Blackman in the rankings. You need to whip your harem into shape and get this going.
  5. WC vs Beech vs Clarksville Tonight

    Was the Clarksville match where he beat Isbell 10-5 before or after the loss to Borders and subsequent trip to the hospital?
  6. WC vs Beech vs Clarksville Tonight

    HAHA You don't say.
  7. TN Coach's Poll Preseason

    Good to hear from you again Artis. I feel like you might be on this mark this season with your early poll, except for the legacy vote for Soddy. Soddy doesn't deserve that spot and they certainly are not ahead of Halls. Take a loot a Blackman and Mt. Juliet, I think they are more deserving of a top 12 vote.

    In no particular order: Greenbrier Pigeon Forge Greenville Page Alcoa Gibbs Forrest Notre Dame Red Bank Harpeth
  9. TN Wrestling Talk

    Aris, my old pal, are you serious about this? A bit shameless don't you think? If we get you some Tiger swag will you really wear it?
  10. Top 10 Teams 2018

    I just had a conversation with a coach of a top ten team. He told me he is not opposed to putting out a line up, he feels that any good coach has done their homework anyway so putting it on Coacht won't make a difference. He said he thinks the reasoning is most coaches try to avoid Coacht to avoid the drama! Hahaha. Drama?? On Coacht? I guess we will see if that holds true, who will be the first to post a lineup?
  11. Boyd Buchanan Middle Tops McCallie

    Sounds like a lot of excuses to me Mr. Durdon. BB did exactly what they were asked to do. They beat the team the McCallie put on the mat in front of them.
  12. Top 10 Teams 2018

    This is a post that would sound great in the newspaper but I'm reading between the lines and here is what I gather. You say Cleveland is the team to beat and you are the underdog. Yet five sentences later you say there is not a clear front runner. I understand coaches being modest and not creating a target on their own back BUT I don't think you can have it both ways. Either you say Cleveland is the front runner or you say its up for grabs and vote on yourself. I was taken to task last year for stating the obvious that Science Hill & Soddy were one of the few teams that always received the legacy vote because they were supposed to be considered one of the front runners. Early on last year they were picked to be at the top of the heap and unfortunately neither was top 10. This year, I think SH actually has the firepower to be considered a clear front runner and it seems that you don't want to carry that torch. Soddy on the other hand, doesn't seem to have it this year either.
  13. 106AAA

    I'm really surprised CobraBoy hasn't come on and said it depends on whether you are talking about the individual or dual tournament. Because duals are all that matter and maybe those old 106's would show up then. The young kids would probably throw out their medals from individuals or use it as a door stop. Right Cobra??
  14. Top 10 Teams 2018

    I think you have a few others on your roster that will be contenders. Maybe "being modest" is the better term, rather than sandbagging.
  15. Top 10 Teams 2018

    Hey folks, have you missed me? Sorry about the absence, I've been focused on my son playing football, but since that is hopefully wrapping up soon let get into some numbers! I went through the unscientific listing by Werazzlin and added up the number of wrestlers listed for each school. I think the results were a bit surprising. And I have to give it to my ole buddy ArtisClipper, his Hilltoppers have made the top of the list. SH - 10 Clev - 7 BC - 6 WC - 6 Beech - 5 Indy - 4 Arlington - 4 Black - 4 TN - 3 Summit - 3 Halls - 3 MJ - 3 Heritage - 3 SD - 2 WBlount - 2 My commentary is as follows, I believe Mr. Roberts to be sandbagging his listing a slight amount so I think Beech is higher on the list. Much to the dismay of many, BC has not fallen off the list as everyone predicted. WC and Black were my two biggest head scratchers.