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Pin-TN Rankings

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WrestlingGod    52

Updated 1/1/17


1. Cleveland
2. Bradley Central
3. Soddy Daisy
4. Wilson Central
5. Beech
6. Tennessee
7. Halls
8. Summit
9. Mt. Juliet
10. Blackman



1. Michael Cannon (Arlington)
2. Noah Horst (Beech)
3. Christian Isbell (Clarksville)
4. Wes Devaney (Bradley)
5. Jacob Allen (Soddy)
6. Cal Rogers (Tullahoma)



1. Tj Hicks (Bradley)
2. Brayden Palmer (Beech)
3. Trent Nelson (Tennessee)
4. Garrett Bowers (Cleveland)
5. Brady Woodward (Summit)
6. Connor Thornburg (East Hamilton)



1. Calvin Martin (William Blount)
2. Job Dooley (Franklin)
3. Bryce Pond (Cleveland)
4. Trey Hicks (Bradley)
5. Sean Sesnan (Wilson Central)
6. Luke Dezember (Lawrence Co)



1. Charles Wheaton (Soddy)
2. Ethan Anderson (Bradley)
3. Kyle Burns (Bearden)
4. Jack Shrader (Franklin)
5. Tolliver Justice (Halls)
6. Daniel Fowler (Independence)



1. Colton Landers (Cleveland)
2. Ryan McElhaney (Bradley)
3. Chase Brown (Halls)
4. Carson Helton (Stewarts Creek)
5. Landon Adzima (Gibbs)
6. Jordan Taylor (Cordova)



1. Brady Ingram (Independence)
2. Aaron Kelly (Tullahoma)
3. Luke Story (Science Hill)
4. Grant Lundy (East Hamilton)
5. Cody Matthews (Cleveland)
6. Matthew Maxwell (Gibbs)



1. Knox Fuller (Bradley)
2. Dewey Pendley (Tennessee)
3. Zach Wilkins (Mt. Juliet)
4. Emory Holcomb (Soddy)
5. Logan Whiteside (Cleveland)
6. Jason Chambers (Stewarts Creek)



1. Trevor Rippy (Beech)
2. Jay Graham (Rhea County)
3. Austin Matthews (Bradley)
4. Tony Wilson (Soddy)
5. Arthur James (Science Hill)
6. Josh Teaster (Heritage)



1. Mikel Gregory (Walker Valley)
2. Caleb Adkins (Bradley)
3. Bryson Henley (Tennessee)
4. Landon Fowler (Blackman)
5. Sawyer Knott (Summit)
6. William Diehl (Science Hill)



1. Matthew Sells (Blackman)
2. Colton McMahan (Halls)
3. Kyle Smith (Beech)
4. Damon Smith (Wilson Cent)
5. Dawson Satterfield (William Blount)
6. Kamale Strong (Hunters Lane)



1. Hunter Fortner (Gibbs)
2. James Hartgrove (William Blount)
3. Jack Hicks (Cleveland)
4. Christian Salter (Siegel)
5. Ed Elkins (Bradley)
6. Niko Noga (Wilson Central)



1. Dawson Johnson (Bartlett)
2. Jeremy Spangler (Tennessee)
3. Nathan Walling (Mt. Juliet)
4. Dylan Carney (Northwest)
5. Aaron Moore (Arlington)
6. Elijah Lawson (Gibbs)



1. Ty Boeck (Soddy)
2. Javier Salvador (Heritage)
3. Brody Workman (Jefferson Co)
4. Victor Bednorski (Ooltewah)
5. Samuel Garcia (Cleveland)
6. Kolin Miller (Wilson Central)



1. Nick Boykin (Riverdale)
2. Michael Kramer (Wilson Cent)
3. Isiah Demillo (Independence)
4. Luke Champion (Tullahoma)
5. Johnathon Metcalf (Arlington)
6. Titus Shafton (Cleveland)




Courtesy of Hammbone. Discuss.

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Interesting that Beech is still at #5 given that they have finished behind a few teams currently ranked behind them.  Also Science Hill won the Independence tournament, ahead of Beech and they're not even top 10?

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hawks11    4

Didn't Seeley of Science Hill pin the kid that beat Isbell at the Independence tournament? Kind of strange that he's #3 and Seeley is unranked after Seeley placed 2nd and Isbell 4th in the same tournament.


Also, I agree with you Humor. It seems like Beech continues to be ranked high because of the speculation over what people think they could be. I'm not saying Beech can't be as good as people think. I just don't think they've earned it yet. If they get Rippy and their other kids back, and start beating some teams, then move them back up. Until we see it on the mat, maybe we should temper our expectations.

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