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Everything posted by mat73557

  1. Maybe somewhere there are numbers which show wrestling participants in Tennessee over the last few years. I would be curious to know those numbers.
  2. Although I like the idea of bringing back one unified state tourney, that does not grow wrestling. We all know that. If we ever want our state to compete at the same level as any wrestling state you can name, we have to keep attracting more participants to the sport. I don't like some of these situations where a kid wins 2 matches and he's a state champ any more than anyone else but the split drove the numbers up and that is what we need in TN. JMO
  3. I would say that Ben knows what he's doing. Some kids need different help than others. I do hate to see a wrestler lose his temper but maybe this kid needs wrestling more than wrestling needs him. Just a thought.
  4. Although Rippy at Blackman would be nice, I think he's staying at Beech.
  5. It did get quiet in here.
  6. #1 rule. At that age, the main goal is to have fun....every time.
  7. Awesome!! I gotta get control of this Central vs Eastern time zone thing...LOL
  8. There honestly may not be enough crows in all of Mt Juliet to make even a small dent....
  9. mat73557


    Dario would smash Horst. My 2 cents...
  10. What's with all the unsportsmanlike penalties?
  11. Why is it that your uniform cannot identify a particular school?
  12. mat73557


    I never did buy into that business that the bracket doesn't matter at all. Of course it does! Look at the state tournament. The strategy is to win one tournament. There's been plenty of number one wrestlers who were defeated at the state tournament partly because one side of the bracket didn't favor them as much as it did the other wrestler. Just my two cents. And looking at all this, I have no idea how they would be seeded. But I certainly think that Rippy and Fowler are the top two of the listed wrestlers in that class once again
  13. NEWSFLASH! 15 year old kid experiences a loss of self-control and made a bad decision! No one was hurt!! Pandemonium ensues!! smh
  14. Oakland will murder Cookeville...book it.
  15. cbg, Originally you said that most wrestlers from TN don't want to be challenged by wrestling against the best that the country has to offer. I disagreed. I think that kids from TN are like kids from anywhere else, they want to be challenged. They also want to be competitive. One thing I learned from traveling to many out of state events and camps is that the success of a wrestler from any given area is almost always connected to the collective success of ALL of the wrestlers in that area. For example, I see most TN state champions going to to national FS/GR tournaments and getting manhandled by kids from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois and Ohio. Why is that? Is it because that kid didn't go to enough national tournaments and face the best competition? No...it is because TN is not as committed to FS and Greco as those other states and those kids don't have the practice partners to push them up to the next level. Practice rooms are where champions are made. You mentioned recruiting. I agree that there are lots of college coaches at Fargo. I'm sorry but I do not think that they are there to recruit kids from TN however. First, there are what, three college programs in the state? Most coaches are looking for kids who are either super studs or solid kids who are closer to their home school. Now, there are exceptions. guys like Jordan Leen, Matt Keller and now, guys like Boykin, Flynn, Reiniche. Those kids of wrestlers have divine gifts to compliment their work ethic and toughness. I would like to see TN increase the offering here at home for good competition. At the TN State FS/GR tournament, there were about 8 kids per bracket in the junior division. EIGHT. That's not going to cut it. That's all I'm saying. If we were going to see 20 or 25 kids a year to Fargo, I would like to see most of them having the ability to at least medal at SE regions. Particularly the juniors.
  16. That's not true at all. How many kids competed in the SE Regions? How many competed in the TWF State tournament? Not enough. Many people I talk to don't see the need to spend the money on the trip to Fargo when their kids are not being developed enough here in TN to make a competitive run. Until all of TN starts to take a bigger interest in FS/GR these numbers are going to be the norm. Congrats to Cooper and Sammy. I was glad to see them representing!
  17. Seeing the lineups may create more interest from wrestling fans in the area. Just saying...
  18. How many paid wrestling coaching positions do they allow at MNPS?
  19. Just curious. How does the football coach view having his players involved in wrestling. Is he supportive?
  20. Are there match by match results somewhere?
  21. This is very true in high school athletics as well!!!
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