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  1. mat73557

    Fargo 2016

    When was the last time they wrestled?
  2. Looked like Bey had a hamstring injury in the semis. Congrats to Tommy! What a great achievement!
  3. I think people need to look at the numbers of kids getting noteworthy college scholarships who wrestled Olympic styles compared to those who didn't. Take a look at the best wrestlers in the country (high school and college) and nearly all of them are accomplished freestyle and greco wrestlers. That's enough for me. I think that competition alone will not make a kid a great wrestler. They have to have a variety of experience if they are going to soar with the eagles.
  4. What teams did our kids compete on?
  5. Need to get the schedule done EARLY. And more coaches need to get on board with encouraging their athletes to compete at least through the SER.
  6. Still going hard on Tuesdays at Blackman. Get there before 6 to dress and warm up.
  7. You clearly understand the big words.
  8. Youre just trying to obfuscate the issue....
  9. Wow!! What a condescending post!! All that large font too.... Are you a problem or a problem solver? Really? That is your catch phrase to encourage more people to participate in the TWF? Sorry but this is not how you get more people involved. This is how you alienate them. With my rant out of the way, I want to address a couple of things you said. 1) You said that satellite weigh ins encourage kids and parents to participate. I AGREE 2) You said that satellite weigh ins make it easy on the tournament director. NO PROBLEM 3) You said that only 2 out of 6 divisions were high school kids so cutting weight shouldnt be a problem. THIS WAS MY ISSUE. Do you realize that at the Iron Man, 67% of the participants were high school age kids? (Cadets and Juniors) At the Blount Force Open, 83% of the participants were high school age kids. So the MAJORITY of kids are high school age right? I asked the general board (where I have been posting for 8 years) about what the consensus was regarding weighing in TWO DAYS before the tournament. It seems unsafe to me. Weighing in two days early serves what purpose? The only thing I can think of is that it is designed to help kids cut weight. Why else would we do that? 4) You said that the first and foremost job of the TWF is to grow wrestling. I really hope that's not the mission statement...I think the first and foremost job of the TWF should be to protect the safety of its participants. Many kids are just getting introduced to freestyle and greco, and because of the throws and twists, and the lack of experience, it's more dangerous for them. I don't want to see any weight cutting at all honestly. Lastly, you also said that many parents and wrestlers dont want to stay in hotels and such. Is that why the wrestle offs for the elementary duals were held at Cleveland at 8AM? Sorry but after thinking about this more, all this seems like an attempt to gain an advantage and potentially puts kids at risk. I'll give you a solution to the problem. Weigh in the night before and the morning of. Just like ALL OTHER TOURNAMENTS.
  10. I have been told that we are weighing in 2 days early for the State FS / GR Tournament. To me, this seems like it could encourage some kids (or their parents) to do some serious weight cutting and create a safety issue. What is the reason for having the weigh in so early? Anyone know? Anyone agree? Disagree?
  11. 1st Place - Elijah Herring of West Tennessee Takedown Club-Bantam 50/60 1st Place - Samuel Herring of West Tennessee Takedown Club-Midget 65/70 1st Place - Jay Eversole of Hammer Wrestling-Midget 75 1st Place - Camden Stahley of Knuckleheads-Midget 80/85 1st Place - Ashton Davis of Higher Calling-Novice 120/130 1st Place - Landon Desselle of Spartan Wrestling Club-Novice 60/70 1st Place - Damen Pullen of West Tennessee Takedown Club-Novice 75 1st Place - Sammy Shires of Knuckleheads-Novice 80 1st Place - Calvin Eason of Nashville Catholic Elite-Novice 85/95 1st Place - Bradley Fiveash of Higher Calling Wrestling Club-Schoolboy 112 1st Place - Camden Porter of Spartan Wrestling Club-Schoolboy 77/84 1st Place - Josh Pietarila of Knox Elite-Schoolbuy 136/144 1st Place - Luke Dezember of Lawrence County-Cadet 120 1st Place - Calvin Martin of Wolfpack Wrestling-Cadet 126 1st Place - Owen Schnedler of Independence Eagles-Cadet 132 1st Place - Henley Headrick of Pride wrestling-Cadet 170 1st Place - Toby Lynch of GreenbrierToby-Cadet 220 1st Place - Michael Kramer of Team Whoo-Cadet 285 1st Place - Sean Sesnan of Wosbo-Junior 113/120 1st Place - Colton Landers of Higher Calling Wrestling Club-Junior 126/132 1st Place - Sean Butler of Spartan Wrestling Club-Junior 138 1st Place - Bryce Wittman of West Tennessee Takedown Club-Junior 145/152 1st Place - Matthew Sells of Blackman-Junior 160 1st Place - John Olivieri of Talon Wrestling-Junior 182/195 1st Place - Javier Salvador of Wolfpack Wrestling-Junior 220 1st Place - James Barber of Murfreesboro-Junior 285
  12. So what gives? Is there ever going to be a schedule posted? Dare I say that it seems that someone needs to bring Hatcher back from the dead? If anyone is interested in Georgia's FS/GR schedule - it was pretty easy to find. - - http://www.teamgeorgiawrestling.com/olympicseason Oh - so was Indiana's - - http://www.iswa.com/event-schedule/ Is there a schedule with flyers in our future?
  13. Blackman Fight Night every Tuesday at Blackman's wrestling building. (behind Blackman Middle) It's time to get better! Get there early to dress and warm up. First whistle blows at 6pm!
  14. How is this team going to be chosen?
  15. Is there an 'official' schedule yet. I heard Pat Nailen was cancelled?
  16. What's funny is that if the Blackman kid had lost, NO ONE would have said a word....let that sink in.
  17. So are you saying the Blackman kid cheated or was not on weight?
  18. I like Heyward and he's stout, but Sells lost a pre-season match which was 1 minute periods. No deep water in a three minute match.
  19. 106 D1 113 D1 120 D1 126 D1 132 D1 138 D1 145 D1 152 D1 160 D1 170 D1 182 D1 195 D1 220 D1 285 D1 <drops mic>
  20. So whats the consensus? One division with one champion grows the sport of wrestling in Tennessee? OR Three divisions or more grows the sport of wrestling in Tennessee?
  21. With all due respect, if things were called more consistently, then perhaps I wouldnt be on here asking "embarrassing" questions! And while I am here - - This comment ^^ Perhaps you're trying to improve my perception of those Ryan fans who were being obnoxious and cursing loudly at Bradley. (They know who they are) Your low blow shot at Blackman's kids will probably go a long way in winning hearts and minds.... Just sayin...
  22. I don't know about that. I'm pretty fast at video making. Just sayin...
  23. Fellas, Thanks for your unabashed criticism. It makes me want to keep posting here.... I am not a coach so I am still learning. As to the other folks who gave their thoughts without insult, thank you. And I wasn't the first one to complain about state tournament refs...that title went to IrishDadRedux on the "Father Ryan vs McCallie in the Semifinals?" thread. God forbid that a Father Ryan wrestler get a bad call. The language I heard at the Bradley tournament was so dirty when their guys lost I had to take a shower. (I know that is not representative of ALL Ryan supporters, but if the shoe fits.....) Anyhow, Thanks for helping me better understand a very confusing set of stalling criteria (which is often called differently from match to match AND is often called differently in February than it is in November) As to not to offend any one elses fragile sensitivities, I have disabled access to the offending video. 160 views is enough apparently. Good luck at state.
  24. Interesting. So using that logic, what was happening before.. as soon as the wrestler on top grabbed the bottom wrestlers ankle before he got to a base.... that should have been the stalling call?
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