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  1. The flip side could be argued as well. You shouldn't have an artificial aid (shot clock) because you are inept at sound defense. I watched a game last night where the team that held the ball to their detriment. The other team played sound defense, caused turnovers, and scored when given the chance.
  2. Franklin and Brentwood are in the same situation, both from the same district. These two have played four times this year.
  3. The Nashville TV station, WUPX I believe, says it has been cancelled due to weather. Has anyone seen anything different?
  4. Sophomore I believe. Don't make your Welcome Back Rankin signs just yet.
  5. For those living in the present, congrats to Oakland for being the champs and to Whitehaven for a great year.
  6. Jeff Womack vs. Oak Ridge that night. Like most other games when he was playing.
  7. Its not all or nothing. Plenty of talent across the state. Middle TN is growing rapidly and talent comes with it.
  8. Sounds like its not your best night. Maybe YouTube will have the CA playoffs later.
  9. Well, that is the great thing about opinions. To be fair, CA does have a lot of great players. It is a large state. I just wonder what happened to your TV remote. You can still catch some Joel Olsteen if you hurry.
  10. Chief, you are wanting to discredit the D1 recruits. You should back that up with homework and not ask others to do it for you. If TN, is 6th on the list (and I question CA), there are plenty of states that would like to have the TN players.
  11. I don't know, I like seeing great defense and touchdowns. I agree that I wish WH was more competitive.
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