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  1. I hope you are right but understand why your true motivation might be questioned.
  2. However you want to consider your allegations, the facts related to your posts do create a question of true motive. I hope you can see that.
  3. When someone makes 21 of their 22 posts (as of this point) to bring negative allegations on a coach, the rest of us have to wonder your true motive. I think you can understand that.
  4. Murfreesboro seems logical. I love Chattanooga but it is a difficult drive from West TN. Too much going on in Nashville already.
  5. Make a change to TN HS basketball due to one game in AL? Too funny.
  6. Let's see. If you take that equation and multiply by the month you were born and divide by the year you were born . . by golly you are right. Just kidding. I understand wanting a good team to be recognized. CoachT has them at 13 but likely does not factor the out of state teams. Get in the tourney and win. That will prove your point. Good luck to the team.
  7. To boil it down, it is up to the teams to prove the rankings wrong. The district standings, based on team performance, matter. As for the handling of Covid, some calls were good and some bad. I hate it for the players that are not able to play. But, the decisions have been made. Enjoy the games that are being played.
  8. Indeed, congrats to Oakland. What an impressive team all season. I look forward to watching the rematch with Brentwood.
  9. Or just a casual fan who watched the game tonight. Don't be a hater because your team lost tonight. Maryville is great program whose team did not look good tonight.
  10. Likely so but better than going home with nothing. Is this the worst playoff loss for Maryville?
  11. lol, maybe so, mine shows 41-0. How about yours?
  12. You don't need HD to see Maryville looks weak tonight. I know it is unusual to hear, but it is true tonight.
  13. No doubt Maryville will be back loud and proud again. Oakland will be back as well, likely with a state title. Don't look down on other programs. Most every team works hard to be their best.
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