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  1. I thought I wrote this earlier, but I guess it didn't send...Qyntel Woods formerly of Carver, who went the JC route and then landed with the Trailblazers, and I believe also landed in county court.
  2. It seems as though there has not been a great meeting of the minds since I have last checked. I'm sure you guys have talked about it before, but I saw where Pulaski Arkansas Circuit Court has received an injunction request from a private school asking that their multiplier go back to 1.5, it was in the Commercial Appeal...I hope everyone is doing fine.
  3. LA said the same thing and look what happened to them...Sheffield has made it to the semi's the last two years...not too many teams can say that.
  4. All these bronco d-lineman are questionable...its safe to say most of them have been disappointments...disappointments in Dallas and disappointmens in Cleveland. I would say the Vikings have done the most...
  5. Ok...like I said.."they would struggle to make the playoffs." I stand by that statement...yes I agree the Titans were hurt by injuries...That's their own problem. Now they are losing guys to free agency... I dont think anyone has said Mike Williams will be a runningback...they said H-BACK...which is something completely different (Chris Cooley for the Skins is an H-back if you've seen him). Edwards is a better WR right now...Williams has more upside...hes bigger, stronger, and has more big play ability...plus Edwards is known for dropping a lot of passes.
  6. I never said the Cowboys would make the playoffs, I said they'd struggle to make the playoffs. I'm sure the Titans were picked second in the AFC South..that has nothing to do with you guys saying they'd win 12 games. The cowboys could finish second in the NFC East, does that mean they win 12? Admit it- you guys were wrong...The titans just aren't that good, I wouldnt be surprised if they took Mike Williams cus of Norm Chow (who I think would be a great pick). I'm sorry I'm so Anti-Titans fan, but I'm a Realist and a Memphian, two things that do not mix well with the Titans. Good luck to all, I can't wait till the NFL season. P.S. Ya'll do have 6 months to get your story straight lol.
  7. His real name isn't Pac-Man it's a nickname if I recall. All ya'll going to say this year that ya'll are going to win 12 games again like you did at this time last year? I still laugh at how blind some of you guys are. I'm a huge cowboys fan, but I know they will struggle to make the playoffs...with Indianapolis a lock to make it...ya'll are going to have to get that wild card, the Bills, Jags, Chiefs, Ravens, Raiders all seem to have much better teams (I'm assuming those teams don't win their division)
  8. The grizzlies do more than the Titans do. Also the Grizzlies give more money to charity than the majority of the NBA teams...They do a lot for the state of high school athletics. Either the Grizzlies or the TSSAA gave money to the private school Mr. B-ball canidates for dinner.
  9. BCS has won the game...It was never really close, it was tied after the first quarter then BCS kept the lead for good...BCS was also in serious foul trouble...should be a great set of games tomorrow.
  10. I believe Harding has won 52-51 in OT. Thats what the school website has.
  11. Baylor might not want to hear it...they just got upset in OT by Harding 52-51
  12. I'm really just comparing BCS' common opponents to Ryan's...and they are landlocked or, you might give BCS the advantage...I think those two should lock horns in the semi-finals....BTW- BCS did beat FRHS at the buzzer last year at FR...so it should be a great game.
  13. Itzme...Briarcrest has played a ton of tough teams Kingsbury, Wooddale (who knocked of White Station), Craigmont, Bartlett, not to mention they've knocked off MUS three times a team that (FRHS has lost to), and they split with CBHS the same thing FRHS did (BCS lost to them when Oher was at the All-American game)...which shows you Oher is very important to the team and might actually be worth that Mr. Basketball. BCS/ FRHS will be a tough game, but please don't say BCS hasn't played a tough schedule. Should be a good tournament.
  14. Briarcrest had defeated MUS by 15+ and will face the SBA/ HA winner. I honestly think the #1 Seed from the West will have better odds to reach the state title...than anyone else....YES EVEN BRENTWOOD ACADEMY. Why? Because I'm counting on Baylor winning their region which should set up a semifinal game of BA versus Baylor. Doesn't mean the #1 team from the West is better...just has better odds of making it to the final.
  15. On the surface I do not like it for the Vikes but I will give some reasons that it could turn out good... 1-Some big time free agent WR's out there such as Bruce, Muhammad (led the league in Td's last year), Derrick Mason, Plaxico Burress...If you can get one of those...then that would help stop the bleeding 2-If you can't, then you use the 7th pick to get Mike Williams, Braylon Edwards, etc...if you do wrap up a good veteran WR, perhaps they draft a good cover corner like Pac-Man from WV. 3-Moss had been too critical of the team (saying they could never win a championship) and his hijinks had rubbed teammates the wrong way.
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