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  1. You're right. It might have been the year before where it was like that ant there were first round byes.
  2. The 97 team could have won it all in any classification. This was when only 2 teams from each region made the playoffs. Round 1: 49-6 over DCA Round 2: 41-12 over Celina Round 3: 56-0 over CPA Round 4: 48-7 over Oneida Chanpionship: 45-0 over Clarksville Academy
  3. I know this is a ways back but do you remember the 97 Trousdale team?
  4. What does Willis run in the 40? He has some speed once he gets going.
  5. I wonder why the GB defense didnt peel their ears back when LC ran the sam play 17 times in a row, 6 of which LC told the GB line what they were doing?
  6. There is a lot of life lessons to be learned from playing high school football.
  7. Coach on the Peabody sideline looks like he is going to shotgun a sixpack of White Claw after this game is over.
  8. GB couldn't stop them on 3rd down no matter the distance.
  9. Replay on tv shows fumble. Easy for those watching at home to see. For the officials it's a judgment call.
  10. Dang man that sucks. Little Puckett did just fine in his absence.
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