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  1. This will be a tough one for Marshall County as well. If MC can't clean up the penalties they will be in for a long night! 100 yards in penalties won't cut it against a tough Springfield team.
  2. The Hodge Twins are A1 in my book!
  3. The next time I get pulled over I'm gonna tell the officer that he better call LeBron and get some advice on how he should handle the traffic stop. Maybe we'll both get a good laugh.
  4. I have needed a lot of things in my life, but you know what I have never NEEDED....a pro athlete.
  5. I'm sure y'all will. I wont be able to make it due to working 2nd shift.
  6. MC rebounded nicely tonight against Shelbyville 50-35. Game was closer than the score.
  7. I guess you could attribute it to them being used to winning and not being used to being taken to the woodshed. Thats why i love football. So many life lessons. I guess they will understand now that nobody will just lay down and let you win. Call it a lesson in complacency if you will.
  8. I was listening to you and your partner. You guys do an excellent job.
  9. Moore County and Wayne County was tough back in the day. Thats back when you had to win all of your region games and you still might not make the playoffs. My Freshman year in 96, Wayne County had over 30 seniors and Moore County just had some big nasty lineman and some really good backs. Green, Steelman and Wells to name a few. Wayne County also had a Mr. Football back too. The old region 6 1-A looked like this and it was probably pound for pound the toughest region in the state no matter the class. Moore County Wayne County Collinwood Huntland Cornersville Cascade Mt. Pleasant Richland Columbia Academy Chapel Hill
  10. Yeah when they came out on the first play of the 2nd half and fumbled away the snap to Tullahoma it was like they weren't interested in playing anymore. I was so pissed that I turned the radio off.
  11. Sarcasm went right over your head.
  12. Have you been in the holler so long that you didn't know The Tennessean newspaper was a Nashville paper?
  13. Tullahoma could be a serious contender to rep the east.
  14. Tullahoma is dominating this game. Great job Wildcats! Excellent broadcast from the guys at 93.9 The Duck.
  15. Wrong. Although it was 96. That year Forrest was supposed to hang 50 on us, instead they had a 30 minute ride home wondering what hit em.
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