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  1. Lets see if the loss helped them, not only did the face problems on offense they havent run into during the year but for the first time they were caught off guard on defense and the Stars offense was run to perfection. Dyson has to see mismatches for DB's and their wide outs were obviously taller but still Dyson was blinded by the QB draw/option plays too much to see that. Two of the touchdowns the D allowed because of the mismatch on height. Defense crumbled after wards with the QB ALWAYS taking the ball on the option and the line and backers over persued either the ball carrier or the wrong man. Lets see if Dyson and his team more importantly learn from their mistakes, Ravenwood who knows maybe impliment some of those similar plays but at the same time the odds arent in the Raptors favor.
  2. As for field goals only pressure he has had is one game winner a couple years ago but since nothing too hard for him, but as for punting he lost a handle on a punt but recovered and pootch kicked it down to the 1 yard line. Call it lucky but yes pressure he can handle. Lots of people underestimate how a kicker can help out teams not only in field position but having an outstanding defense really makes the opponents defense have to play their best. Dyson and the other coachs have the boys ready went a little extra during practice yesterday in the cruddy conditions to get them ready for friday, not only that but these kids just move on from last week and focus on the next one. Honestly I have seen improvement in both qb's decision making, yes they more than likely take a sack but since week 0 both #18 and #6 know to tuck and run when the play is broke or if the pocket is coming in not to rush a throw, they'll take a sack. Again its the little things why they are successful. Dont be suprised if Indy wins big.
  3. can you repost that link doesnt seem to work.
  4. Landon Foster, Independence High School, Senior Committed to University of Kentucky. I do not think he'll be a field goal kicker in college but he'll a defenses best friend when punting the ball inside the 20 on a consistent basis.
  5. No? The crowd was super loud at the B.A. game in 08 but from then till 09 we still showed up and supported, and the reason i said the last year was weak was because it was true, their seniors last year weren't on the same level as in the past.
  6. Why in the world would they do a white out? It is a little thing called tradition the school does for the biggest games since 07, trust me ive been to Ravenwood and Rutherford county games, yeah I agree Ravenwood ONCE was great but only when their team was great. I dont know about Maryville or Alcoa but I'd love to say in Middle Tn, Indy Nation has been the best since 07 BALLIN', we traveled and always out yelled the other section, btw playing at Lincoln County is a joke now a days nice try. Don't mess with Indy Nation. Diss our past coachs, diss our jerseys, diss our stats, diss our records, but never think twice about the Indy crowd. It has got a little smaller in the past year but this year with the team success they are back and the Centennial game was the loudest they have been since B.A. game in 08. As for tonight they should be rocking the house. Sorry that was part of my old senior year trash talk coming out of me now back to the non-biased journalist I want to become. As far as the running game, it will be crucial for both teams. Obviously anybody who has gone to Indy games has seen that the run attack is the best part of the offense. Passing has not gone their way this year besides the touchdown against Brentwood that helped Indy win. For Franklin it is easy to see that everyone they have played, besides Symrna, prepared themselves only for the senior qb. Thus letting the Rebels running backs having only 5 or 6 people in the box at points and creating running room. Indy's defense has to sceme their way to victory with blitz packages and putting people in the box when they need to. So far they have done that very well, but only against average offenses. Keys for Independence - Shut down the rebel offense early, get a couple td's early to get the confidence up and push Franklin back with bad field position (which nobody ever takes into consideration). Keys for Franklin - Be able to run the ball for good gains and do it early in order to set up the passing game later in the game, defense do not give up big plays, don't make stupid penalties and play solid, smart and sound defense through out.
  7. All i really have to say is if they end up at the worst 7-3, or what ever record they get going in after the final 3 game stretch no one will want to face them in the playoffs. The schedule is super super favorable to Indy like you said with Page, Coffee county, Lincoln Co,(even though all of the match ups are easy to answer why the scheduled, old rivalry, homecoming, and finishing deal from scheduling a series a couple years ago) they get a good balance of great teams in the beginning to get themselves started and end so they don't get lazy or fall of track. Its not the hardest schedule but it doesn't have to be in order to get them ready for the playoffs. Which playing Franklin, Siegel and Ravenwood should do. Guys like any team or way a season goes you can only know if they are for real when the season and post season are over with. You can, however, get a good idea from the team what their strength & weakness are so far. And maybe you can answer the question after seeing them play their last three games.
  8. I watched the film from CHS vs Overton and saw the Indy vs Centennial game. Centennial has improved greatly now does that mean Indy is for real no the Indy offense gave away too many turnovers and thus caused their offense to score easily. The only thing Centennial has is athletes for their wr's and cb's which kept them in the game. If Indy can get the qb's and wr's connected during the rest of the season then they can very well go to round 3 I think. Defense wins championships but a interception giveaway offense ruins a defense.
  9. Ha taco bowl nice one Dan. I'll be there tonight as well.
  10. All im going to say is Smyrna has had more competition to 'practice' against than Franklin. Hopefully your Bulldogs will learn more from their tough games and come prepared, who knows maybe you'll catch them unprepared. Franklin should win this week, and building off getting ready for their next game, they better play at their level instead of playing at your opponents level.
  11. Centennial's offense this year has had a hard time, so far, on scoring against defenses that aren't so great. So i'm thinking Indy will pitch a shut out or give up at least one score. Give Indy props, I thought Indy at best would of been 2-2 so far this year and they are easily the biggest darkhorse so far in 6A going 3-1. The offense improoves every week and the only way Indy loses if they just completely don't show up and over look the Cougars.
  12. Wow prayers out a speedy recovery from Spring Hill.
  13. Crawford always knows how to bounce back from losses, but Indy always seems to give Brentwood a good game. Seeing how Indy has a pretty stout defense this year and from someone else saying Crawfords offense is conversative, thats very true, also both Brentwood and seeing how Indy's offense is also very conservative this year, big play ability will be the key to win the game. Lots of inside running and spread options coming from Indy the past two games and their pass protection seems better but either qb (#18 or #6) seems to find a target or feel comfortable inside the pocket. If Indy puts more plays rolling out of the pocket for a pass then I could see them moving it more down the field throwing. To be quite honest, Indy's secondary is actually pretty weak in terms of getting spread out on long throws, underneath routes and posistioning themselves to help stop the run. If Brentwood can find the zones to pass through and make it past their linemen and linebackers then Brentwood can see an easy victory.
  14. Honestly just because of comegetsome's ignorance I hope Centennial will win, maybe they won't this year but down the road Centennial will compete with Franklin. Rector is going to build up the program, remember the old saying Rome wasn't built in a day. At the same time Franklin fans better hope the Franklin team that played in the first half of the Hendersonville game won't show up. Thats my two cents worth and don't bother replying back comegetsome because honestly people like you aren't worth my time arguing especially with, "Centennial's mascot has apparently changed to custodians instead of Cougars." What a classy man.
  15. Lots of trash talking on facebook between Page students and Indy students, looks like 5 years wasn't long enough to see if tensions were still high against one another. My Sisters went to Page and I went to Indy ha this should be fun to watch, not only the players but to see if students fight before the game.
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