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  1. You people are totally lost on every account. Politics seemed to enter here
  2. The volleyball state tournament is alot like many sports when it comes to the public teans being able to participate on that so called level field. The state tourny now in progress is filled with the private schools having the chance to win a stae tornament and most of the public having to again watch from the stands. I
  3. I think that Tullahoma has the best facility of any that we have played on. They have a great stadium, field and jumbo tron. Nice place to go and play.
  4. Way too much coaching at TTown.........Shelbyville canot compete.
  5. What happened to your flying eagles this time....the cats opened their cage and ate the bird.
  6. We all make mistakes and in many cases some are more severe than others. This was a mistake that really did not hurt anyone other than Coach Bray's feelings and pride. I do feel that he has the betterment for his players at heart and wants each one to be the very best that they can be. I do feel that the TSSAA has rules which should be inforced and when broken those responsible should always be punished. The situation at hand seems to be an oversight and someone got caught. Trying to make something more out of this for personal reasons is out of line and those involved should stop putting this out for all to see.
  7. Always play the game. The Cookeville team is very capable of making an impressive run, but if Sheffield is on then very difficult to score on him. I can be wrong and we will see.
  8. I have news for all concerned in regard to who will win this game. If Sheffield pitches and I am sure that he will then Cookeville willhave trouble scoring at all. This kid is special and if there is a doubt then ask those who have faced him. He can be hit, but not often.
  9. Justice Sheffield is probably one of the best pitchers in the entire state. The times that Sheffield is pitching Tullahoma does not lose. I can see Tullahoma getting to the big dance as long as they do not make the errors and walks. I have heard some say that Seigle defeated Tullahoma, but that will never happen in a move on tournament game. Good game to watch would be Cookeville and Tullahoma. I can see that matchup coming true in the sectional game.
  10. The playing of an extremely tough schedule is not always a good thing. A strong schedule played at the beginning is good, but if played at the end is not at all good. The players need some relief at the end to get rested and prepared for tournament play. Having to get ready for strong competition day in and day out will not serve the purpose. I see many coaches who always want ot talk about how strong their schedule is and in the end are at home instead of being at the big show. The best AAA teams at this junction are Science Hill, Farragut, Tullahoma and Collierville.
  11. There is a really good baseball coach in the Rutherford County area that would make a program stand up and be proud. Tony Sheffield from Christianna Middle School will make some program a great coach. I do feel that he should be given the position and see the results. "Would be a great hire"
  12. Now come on, this type situation can happen to any team at any time because it is almost impossible to keep a real check on all tansfers. A coach would certainly hope that the player and the family were truthful, but one never knows and this is easy to hide.
  13. The Tullahoma Wildcats and wildkittens have started making a move to become very competitive and this is a change from the seasons start. The Wildcats started the season on a slow note and seemed to take their lumps. The teams have started playing as a team and now are very strong when this is done. I look forward to some future games especially within the district because the cats will be a force to reckon. There is one future game that stands out on the schedule and the Wildcats are looking forward to that day.
  14. The legislative Council votes to separate public from private. The board of control does not have anything to do with that.at all.
  15. I do think that Tommy Layne will run again and he should...he has done an outstanding job serving in this position and needs to be re-elected.
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