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  1. Nick


    i know this is about nashville christian,but how good is east robertson?? key players? what do they do best on the floor?
  2. Nick

    Bristol Tickets

    Due to some emergency medical procedures, I will be unable to attend The Bristol Race this year. I have 2 tickets in turn 4 (Walthrip Section) for sale. They are on row 55 under the awning. The seats look straight down the front pits. I am a #20 fan and am sick about not being able to go and watch with Tony on such a roll, but Dr's orders prevail. I'll have to enjoy this one from the house. The face value of these tickets is right at $97.00 each. after all is said and done, I have about $250.00 invested for the pair. The 2 seats next to these have gone for $250.00 and 200.00 the last 2 years respectively. I will entertain offers for these tickets untill Monday, at which time I will turn them over to my place of business which has an offer on the table. I will deliver within a 50-75 mile range of the Columbia area, otherwise I will send next day mail. 931-285-0057 931-626-5205
  3. Congradulations to the CA Lady Dawgs on winning the Beach Bash in Florida this week. They compiled a 5-1 record with Emily Ford and Shelby Burchell earning all tournament honors. Amanda Rector and Courtney Pope also had a tremendous week. All players stepped up when needed and contributed to the success. Well done!, Coach Thompson and all of the Lady Dawgs!
  4. Nick


    I believe I'm a bit confused. If some kids from MP end up in Stown, or from Cwood to Wayne Cty, It is A)just plain luck, coinceidence,C)convienient, D)alien abduction, E) miracle. If a child is sent to CA, it's recruiting. Play the games before you start looking for reasons to lose. CA/Stown have a great rivalry for years. I think it would be close if you looked up who had won what over the years. Good luck to all 12A teams
  5. Nick

    Columbia Academy

    The tournament is cancelled due to the weather
  6. Nick

    Columbia Academy

    Missy #2 had 2 goals, Hannah #10 had 1 goal CA was lucky to come out with a win, They really didn't play as well as they could and should have.
  7. Nick


    I was at the hospitol with my daughter who also suffered a concussion (#10 CA) I spoke with Claire and her parents. The x-rays and CT scans done on both of these girls turn up negative. Both girls left the Hospitol around 11:00 with a clean bill of health and orders to take it easy for a few days. Great News!
  8. Nick

    Understanding James Banks

    Per KnoxNews Govols website as of this morning, he has been released from the team permanately. Too bad. Great athlete, but no one is more important than the overall program
  9. Nick

    Fairview-Columbia Academy Score?

    CA's field is 101 yards long, 60 yards wide
  10. Nick

    Columbia Academy / Brentwood Academy

    CA's catcher is an 8th grader. She is 1 of 2 very strong 8th graders on the CA team. Good game at BA yesterday if both teams could forget about the 1st inning. I don't think there was an earned run scored although BA hit the ball Hard all game.
  11. Nick

    MTSCA Preseason District Polls

    Makes sense! Thanks for the info.
  12. Nick

    MTSCA Preseason District Polls

    I find it hard to beleive Columbia Academy is not mentioned in 12A. I think they only lost 1 district game last year, and are much better this year.
  13. Nick

    Columbia Academy

    CA is struggling with their depth right now. Their only Senior is very hobbled with an injured ankle, and can only play sparingly. Their best defensive player is on the bench for the year. (ACL) Another player was lost to transfer. All of these girls were starters last year and are sorely missed. Coach May is doing a good job keeping the girls together considering his thinned out ranks. Collinwood has a very young talented team. I don't think they will have much of a problem with a win tonight. Good luck to both teams.
  14. Nick

    Recruiting vs. Financial Aid

    My daughter attends a 1A private school. Students who receive financial aid are not allowed to participate in High School sports. Maybe this is a rule at the school level only. I thought it was a TSSAA rule, however, I am not well versed in these matters. Just another thought.
  15. Nick

    Cheap Shot

    Columbia Academy will play a very good Richland team tonight for the Regional Championship. They will do so without the services of their starting center midfielder, #10, Hannah Westmoreland. She was last years Regional Tournament MVP and made the all Region team. As a Sophmore she was finishing her season strong after struggling with a back injury early. She was taken out by a flagrant cheap shot by a Giles County player in Tuesday nights game. No less than four times she was taken down from behind by players making no play for the ball. The last one did the trick. Torn ACL. Possibly career ending. I guess if you can't beat them hurt them. This seems to be a common theme from The Giles County team. Three years ago they did the same thing to Laura Smith of CA. She graduated last year but was only able to compete in a few games for the remainder of her High School days. When Giles County sent their Girls to play in the Rec. League in Maury County, several complaints were filed about dirty play. Some coaches even pulled their teams from the field. Soccer is a physical game and injuries are sometimes unavoidable, but there is no place for this type of intentional fouling. I can't really blame the players. It seems they are only doing what they are taught. I hold the coach completely responsible. He showed by his actions after the game how little class he has. While the assistant went to confront the fans making a "tunnel" for the winning team, he dissappeared. No handshake, no nothing. Typical actions by him. I am currently in the process of gathering video tape and statements to submit to the TSSAA and the school board. My apologies for rambling on for so long on a negative topic, but something needed to be said. This has gone on for entirely too long.