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  1. Lindsey Wilson was by far the best team I played against in college. At least 3 guys I played against are either playing for their national teams or in the MLS (Dube, Boyzzz, and Anthony Wolfe), and at least one more had a great MLS career (Tyrone Marshall). They are unreal. I went and saw them play IU in a spring game in 2004 or 2005 with Lindsey having half of their squad and no GK. IU scored in the 90th minute to make it 2-0. I was told that was IU's first victory over Lindsey. I am not saying that NAIA is better soccer than NCAA, especially because there are some REALLY bad teams in NAIA, but there is some great competition too. As a comparison, UC is a top 25 team in NAIA, and they always give Carson-Newman, a perennial top 10 in DII all they want (and sometimes beat them). Even last season, Georgetown College in KY, a mediocre NAIA team, went down to LMU and beat them, so for all of the recruits out there, I would take a look at the school and the program where you are going instead of the classification, because there is some great soccer at every level.
  2. dukefan13


    Congrats Farragut. Also, props to Morristown West for being the only team to score on Farragut in the whole Tournament. Just a testament of how good of a team Farragut had this season.
  3. Region 1 AAA Semifinal Morristown West 6 - Science Hill 1
  4. Semifinals Morristown West 4 - Morristown East 0 Jefferson County 4 - Greeneville 0 Finals Mo West 4 - Jefferson County 0
  5. Good Call balboa. Final score: 3-2 Mo West.
  6. I played at Morristown West, and now i play at Georgetown College in Kentucky, but I played club for the '85 Select in Knoxville. Last summer we took all of the best players in the state to help our hopes for regionals which is why i played with guys like Harrison, Matt Bogan, and Eric.
  7. Actually, I am playing college soccer. I just like to keep up with high school soccer throughout the state and noticed a lot of talk from Rossview, so I thought i would check them out. I know the game better than any of you guys, and I started for my club team with some of the biggest names in Tennessee soccer (Aaron Doyle, Derek Radcliffe, Matt Herbstritt, Matt Bogan, Harrison Kizer, and Matt Blair) just to name a few, so dont talk to me about sitting on my butt and bashing Rossview. In 3 years of college soccer, I am 12 goals away from having my school's career scoring record. I hold the single season scoring record at my high school too, where i was named All-State my senior year. I was just stating that until Rossview actually beats someone solid, they should not think that they are anything special. If they beat Brentwood on Saturday, then they can have all of the bragging rights in the world, and I will be the first one to congratulate you.
  8. Yes, the Pretender's Cup. You lost to all 3 ranked teams that you have played this year. Yes in 20 games played, you only played 3 ranked teams. Even Clarksville, who was clearly down this year, played 6 ranked teams. Now when you actually play somebody good and beat them, then you can honestly say that you guys are for real. You only beat four teams that have winning records. I understand that you district was weak this year too, but when you go out of district and play teams as weak as Cleveland, White House, and Cookeville, then you should go 16-3-1. When you guys actually schedule the solid schools around your area, like Hendersonville, Brentwood, and Father Ryan, and get some wins, then you can say that you are not Pretenders.
  9. So where is the regional final? Is it at Sullivan South or Morristown West?
  10. Congratulations Greeneville, you guys FINALLY won the regular season and the tournament title. I don't think you have ever done that, and you have been a part of the conference for several years. It sounds like you all just won state. It has been a long time since someone from the conference has made it out of the region. I think it was Morristown East in 2001. Just remember you are the 2nd team to ever go undefeated in the conference. The first to do so was Morristown West in 2002, so you have not accomplished anything this season that has not been accomplished already by someone in the conference.
  11. I know him pretty well and have played with him and against him throughout high school and club, and he is one of those players who, when around good players, is even better. He has been known to get caught up in the game, but that is just a testament of his intensity. I think that he will be a great addition to Carson-Newman.
  12. Does anyone know where Daniel Deadrick from Morristown East is going to school next year?
  13. I would appreciate if someone could tell me where the district tourament for Greeneville, MoWest, MoEast, Jeff. Co., and Cocke County will be played this year.
  14. Doyle and Blair are still playing club on the 85 Tennessee Select which is a team composed of the best players across the whole state. Eric Evans of CBHS is another one who is playing on this team. Almost every player on the team made all-state at some point in high school and are all playing college now. Some of the notable names on the team that i am pretty sure played in the high school state tournament at some point are Matt Bogan, Jamison Kizer, Derek Radcliffe, Matt Herbstritt, Jeff Henshaw, and Ian Backstrom. They are the only team registered for U-19 in the state in an attempt to not only compete at regions in Austin but possibly win them. Doyle, Blair, and Evans are 3 of the top players in the state. They not only excelled in high school, but are excelling on a club team that is made up of mostly college players.
  15. I do not know how science hill plays this year, and i have not seen them play, but the fact that they did beat farragut says that i am sure that they know what the game is about. They are one of the top teams in east tennessee which is the toughest part of the state. They have a tough game tonight though. If they lose this game, that does not mean that they are a horrible team. They have already proven that they are a good team, maybe not as good as some of the teams from knoxville though. Either way, they could make a huge statement tonight by having victories over the top 2 teams in the other region on the season with Oak Ridge and Farragut. I know guys who play for Oak Ridge and Science Hill, so good luck to both of you.
  16. DB - 3 MoWest - 1 this was actually a pretty close game. it was extremely sloppy though. DB scored first and then MW scored on a pk to tie it going into the half. west had a few chances to take the lead in the second half as did DB, but DB scored with 15 left and then again with 5 left to secure the game.
  17. DB has ended morristown west's season the last 4 years, and both teams are obviously down this year from years past. during the regular season, i think DB won 3-2. i was not at the game so i dont know if it was close, but west has been playing well as of late, and they have played a really tough schedule which may prepare them for this game. they may play the upset role. as for the morristown east/science hill game, i do not see east, or any other team in the region being able to hang with science hill. east has lost 2 out of their last 3 games and just did not look good at all against both jefferson county and west. science hill is a good team, and i do not think they are overrated. any team that can beat farragut is a good team, no matter how they do it. i dont know if they will go to state though just because of the postseason experience that bearden and farragut have. i am just glad to see some even teams in AAA this year as opposed to years past when bearden and farragut were unbeatable by everyone except themselves. no offense to either team for being way too good during those years. it will be interesting to see how everything shapes up.
  18. jacob lane of morristown west has signed to play soccer at georgetown college and matt herbstritt of bearden has signed to play soccer at queens college
  19. i graduated last year from morristown west and i havent been around the state this spring during the season and i was just wondering who some of the premier goal scorers are across the state.
  20. morristown west-7 jefferson county-0
  21. hahahaha. WITO522 so u are really trying to start something right. by your profile it says u like baseball. i like baseball but lets just take a look at it. u hardly run unless u are running the bases or going after the ball in the outfield. u probably havent run enough in your career as we run in each game. u look ridiculous out on the field. u wear tight pants and hit a ball with a piece of wood...how gay can u get. there is no physical contact at all unless u have an occasional play at the plate or unless u are so stupid that u run into your teammate goin after a ball. but anyway if u wanna trash soccer some more i dont think i am the only one that will have a little bit to say with what u are saying.
  22. well that doesnt really matter. last year science hill beat bearden early in the season outta luck but morristown west beat science hill twice. does that make morristown west better than bearden...definitely not. they beat us 8-1 this year so some teams just play better some games than others so there is no reason to argue about it if u didnt play each other. schedule each other in the future so u wont have to have this arguement. i think they did have a better record though. i think their only loss was to bearden and that was early in the season so who's to say what woulda happened when the tournament came along because everyone seems to play better when their season is on the line.
  23. ...east tennessee HIGHSCHOOL soccer on the map
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