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  1. BigOwl

    Scott Tillman out at Lipscomb

    Rumor is Bowers to Ad and coach basketball and bringing Martin to be football coach.
  2. BigOwl

    Got a high school football rule question?

    So if it was a run that gained 15 you would add to the end of the run?
  3. BigOwl

    Got a high school football rule question?

    Question of enforcement for you, defense is called for cutting the fullback is the enforcement from the spot of the call or end of the run?
  4. BigOwl

    Notre Dame 2017

    Heard the Irish scrimmaged yesterday against Central and Brainerd. How did it go?
  5. BigOwl

    Oct 27 schedule issues

    Here is Baylor's Aug 17 Notre Dame (Finley) Aug 25 Knox Catholic Sept 1 @ Marist Sept 8 @ Ensworth Sept 15 PJP II Sept 22 @ CCS Sept 29 @ BA Oct 13 McCallie Oct 20 @ Ryan Oct 27 MBA
  6. BigOwl

    Oct 27 schedule issues

    Baylor is at Ryan on Oct 20 and home vs MBA on Oct 27.
  7. BigOwl

    Ensworth at Baylor

    Yes he is a Baylor alum.
  8. BigOwl

    Rhea County Off Season

    Did the Oakland scrimmage take place? If so how did it go?
  9. BigOwl

    Boyd Buc 2016

    Like to share who that is for us?
  10. BigOwl

    Marion County Warriors 2016

    Heard from a McCallie guy tonight Ross was going to be the DC. So did he not take the assistant principal job?
  11. BigOwl

    Bruce Lussier Quits!

    Bradley from CAK coming to Ryan???
  12. BigOwl

    Inadvertent Whistle

    They have the option of taking the play or having it replayed. So in this case they chose to replay the down or kickoff in this case
  13. Linebackers are considered as linemen for this award.
  14. Ryan Parker-LB Baylor School. Defensive MVP of the DIIAA league last year and having another great year. 75 Tackles- 33 assists- 6 sacks- 26 tackles for loss
  15. Did the Williams kid from Ryan ever get eligible?