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  1. Thanks for the info... I'm excited to see what they can do with a spread. Its been tried there before under Jean Rollins but was abandoned after a very unproductive year and a coaching change. I dont believe so much that you need a rocket armed D1 quarterback to run it well, but you do need a smart kid who can handle the system and read defenses. I suppose you could say that is true for any scheme, but this one is a little more complex than the Pro I. Also, getting the ball to your playmakers is obviously a key so my thinking is to aid that it'd be cool to see some rushing yardarge out of the WR's in an Urban Meyeresque design. Chaz's brother Marcelle was a threat to score every time he touched it...problem being everyone keyed on screens on him and jumped his routes and we had trouble getting him the ball until he moved back to tailback in ceartain situations. His 80 yard screen pass TD's lasted about two summer scrimmages until they were figured out. Also, an oline lacking in size (so I've heard of CHS) can be greatly helped out by pass sets instead of trying to root out kids that have 75 pounds on them. They have to be well coached technique machines, but a 185 pound gaurd with good feet, strong hips and a good understanding of hand placement can usually hold his own with most high school defensive tackles. Most of all, the kids just have to believe in the scheme and submit to the coaches with everything they've got. Doesn't matter what you run, kids that lay it on the line and finish every snap tend to win more then they lose. They'll need strong leadership to dig them out of a rut of losing and the attitudes that go along with it. Unfortunately, the few quotes I read in the paper from players after the new hire did not lead me to believe the leadership was where it needed to be, but that can be altered. Best to the Cougars.
  2. What are peoples thoughts or expectations of Page in '07? I know Jack Daniels is headed out to Rudderville and he's proven he has a knack for winning, wherever he goes. I was able to speak to him briefly at church a couple weeks ago and he seemed excited about the new opportunity and football in the county in general. Thoughts, anyone? Whoops...i'm in the wrong thread. Apologies....
  3. Anyone have info on what kind of system the new coach at Centennial will be installing? Offense, defense, whatever...
  4. I didn't get to see much this year on the field, but one guy I did see was a FB and LB from Franklin High who impressed me. He wore #4 and I think his name was Josh Frohock (?). Sorry if i butchered that name. Strong and physical player with good balance as a ball carrier and nice closing speed on defense. Nice looking player
  5. For what its worth, I wandered out to the practice field at CHS the other day after work. It was the first practice back after camp. They looked about like I expected from what I saw. A little fatigued in the legs after camp and some mental goofs, typical post camp stuff. But they were moving fast and that was impressive. The line was coming off the ball and the backs were running. Even the scout defense was moving to the ball with some sense of purpose. The backs look awesome. Steele looks like he can have as good a year as he wants and Buchannan finally looked like he did when he was a frosh and running for a job. The line is big, but not as big as I saw in the spring. It looks like a couple of the really good sized kids have been knocked out of the first team by some not as big kids that want to get after someone. Dumke and Wolf are legitimate. Big strong kids that can move. I'd say they both run around 270-280 by the look of them. The center and two tackles all look around 205-230 but can move well. Taylor Scott looked very impressive and had some zip on his passes (luckily I strolled up in passing period.) One of the best looking kids out there was Brandon Meegs (spell?). He has put on alot of muscle since I last saw him and runs like the wind. The kid wreaks of D1 potential. As a side note, there was another WR (a JR) that was said to give Steele all he wanted in a foot race. So there's what I saw in a brief offensive practice. I think they will have a chance to win every game they play this year if they really want it and if they dont, they could easily lose 6 or 7 games. I hope for the prior, as they look like they're working hard.
  6. boneal52

    Franklin Rebels

    Well I think the team will be strong as long as Johnson is there, but sweet heaven, has anyone seen the field lately? It is BEAUTIFUL. I was there Friday working, and we drove around the back. It is like a lush carpet. Kudos to whoever keeps it up.
  7. Greg Gregory has done a knock up job at Centennial. Took a team that had won 7 games in its first three varsity seasons and has brought them to the playoffs in the last two years. More so, he has brought a new attitude there. The talent has been there, but he has figured out how to use it and how to get it to work to his advantage. It took about two seasons to get the squad rolling and to get the kids to believe in what he's doing, but it looks like they're on the right track now. Tim Johnson is a similar story. Franklin High has ALWAYS had talent. Sometimes more talent than they could use. And they even had some good teams, but were never over the top. Now, he's made them into a state contender. He pushed a .500ish team to a squad that will win 12+ every year as long as he's there. He has assembled a great staff (an underrated quality of a good head coach) and has the kids playing hard for their school. There is alot of pride at Franklin, and there should be. Its an awesome place to see a game. All this coming from someone who was trained to hate them. I have an emense respect for what is going on at Franklin High. The kids play hard. If you beat them, they'll be right there to shake your hand. Also... David Pack Carlton Flatt Maurice Fitzgerald
  8. The season is ten games long. One night, sure anybody can beat anybody, but over the course of the season and into the playoffs, a smaller school just wouldn't have the success in a region of larger schools.
  9. boneal52

    Patrick Turner

    Congratutlations Gettis... I hope you make the best of your opportunity. It should be an awesome experience for you. Work hard and you'll do as well as you can imagine.
  10. boneal52

    Patrick Turner

    Gettis, what are your college plans for the fall?
  11. Seems like a good fit. I was fortunate enough to see Holbert in his senior year, and he is a man, plain and simple. Barring injuries, he's got a great shot at being an awesome player for the Vols.
  12. boneal52

    Corey Mills

    Anyone know the status of Corey Mills' recruiting? Where is he leaning and who is interested?
  13. ELA as you mention middle schools, wouldn't it be awesome to see Fred Lane Sr. as a high school coach? He is the only middle school football coach I have ever seen or heard of who is an absolute fixture in his town. Everyone in Franklin who knows football, knows Fred Lane Sr.
  14. What was Luke Powell's connection to ND? Ty Willingham?
  15. 1. MBA 2. Germantown 3. Hillsboro 4. Lincoln County 5. Brentwood Academy
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