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  1. Nice try , its you and you know it. Everyone in Oneida knows it too. Now go ahead and get a new screen name like you did back when you
  2. Good job OS on the win against Rockwood. We were pulling for you in Morgan Co so Wartburg can have an easy win this Friday. It was a complete fluke you beat us the first time. We wanna see those Bobcats walking off crying after the game just like the Tigers were last Fri. Wartburg has better athletes and are much better up front. Dawgs 42 Bobcats 14 BTW after this game you're gonna be reading about Phillips and Spence instead of Miller and Romero!!!!!
  3. I don't think Catback is implying that Harriman is scared. Everyone needs to realize that each head coach in the county has his own team's best interest at heart. I know most of these coaches well and can say that none of them is "scared" of any team. You can look back to when they played and the ones I know were hard nosed football players that weren't scared of anybody or anything. But its a different story when you are trying to build or maintain a program, especially now that wins and losses factor into that wild card spot. Slim you need to remember that these coaches are at work every single day, getting paid very little, and are doing their best to wins games and above all else shape the lives of the young men at their school. I know you say it sets a bad example for the kids when you don't play the county teams, but in the case of OS, if both teams are successful they will meet in the playoffs. The coaches are doing what they feel is best for their kids and if the OS coaches think their kids need to experience some success and learn how to win then so be it. In my opinion, you are the one who is acting like a coward- calling people out for being scared when you hide behind your screen name on a computer. Trust me these coaches take enough heat and criticism from their own fans and parents without you stirring up a mess in your free time on coacht.
  4. Jabstep- seen him do what? I totally agree with your scouting report, but the attitude can be corrected. I have seen some of those girls play other sports and they did not display the attitude.
  5. My predictions Stone Loudon CAK Kingston Scott Catholic Kingston should be better than last year but I don't see them competing with Loudon and Stone. I think they have 2 freshmen that may be able to contribute this year.
  6. That is true gold. They did put 90 on GP last year didn't they. That is ridiculous.
  7. OS lost alot of talent last year. The Justice boys and Kelly as the quarterback, several Olinemen. Give Coach Brackett some time. I guarantee those boys will be hitting the weight room this winter. They just aren't very strong this year. These last few losses are not a good indication of coaching ability. From what some of the boys say, the team has quit. BEsides its only been a year ago since OS was like 1-9 or 2-8 wasn't it. Its not like they have been a powerhouse. Look at Rockwood, they had a great start and alot of talent but didn't even make the playoffs.
  8. This may be true sometimes- players win coaches lose, but you need to give the coaches time. You can't blame three years with no continuity on the present coach. If you all will support the coaches maybe you could keep one around. You can't expect to win the first year with a new coach that is rebuilding a program. GIVE THEM TIME. Yes, players can lose- ever hear of fumbles, personal fouls, missed field goals, etc..
  9. I was not at the game but have spoken to several people who were. Some of the kids did lose their cool, but there were no fights started. I have been at several games this year where players acted much worse. To say that is the coaches fault is ridiculous.Those kids were pulled out and punished.Its tough to keep your cool when you are 0-9 and getting beat by 60 by the #1 team in the state. Besides OS has always had that reputation- do not blame that on the new leadership. It will take a while, but you will see a new team next year.
  10. I think Coalfield has gotten recognition in the past. They are always a contender in the region. I feel bad for both programs but I hope OS gets the win. If it wasn't for three late fumbles they had the jackets beat early in the year. They were really a wakeup call for Coalfield. I don't really think the kids have quit, but they have had several key injuries. Bishop and Reed to name a few. Besides it is hard to get fired up for Loudon and Alcoa when you are 0-7 and know you're about to get mashed in the mouth. Give OS some time, you'll see a new team next year.
  11. You have got to be kidding. OS has not tried to hurt anyone. I have seen them play Kingston and Loudon and both times the other team got several personal foul penalties. They probably couldn't hurt anyone if they did try. I'm surprised they haven't had p. foul penalties themselves- its hard to be classy when you are getting beat by 60, but they showed class all night. Besides OS's jv went in the 2nd quarter. Yes Alcoa will win by at least 50- they should, they have about 5 D-I prospects. Its not like anyone else around here can stay close to them.
  12. You have lost your mind!! He has a good record, but the top 5 - come on. Those losses are quickly catching up with the wins with the region they are in now.
  13. Yes they do. This thread was started by congratulating the three county district champions. Didn't mean to leave them out. Good luck to the tigers also. Looks like at least one county team must stop playing tonight.
  14. Region 4aa tonight Alcoa at Kingston CAK at Gibbs
  15. Congratulations and good luck tonight to all 3 teams. Way to represent Roane Co!!
  16. Great job girls. All the hard work you put in has paid off. Those last 4 games were fun to watch. Don't let it all end here though. Stay focused and play as a team and you can pull off another upset. Good luck to the other Roane Co. teams as well.
  17. What about the quarterback. Is he leaving or not?
  18. That is an entirely different situation. The Kingston coach has never told his players to harm or hit anyone. Again the best thing to do is to let it drop. The girl has probably been disciplined in some way by her coach.
  19. Chattanooga Central won the tourn.
  20. I was not trying to say the pitcher should have fought the girl. I thought one of the other girls might have said something but in hindsight I realize that everyone was so shocked by the events taking place that they didn't know what to do. I was not trying to bash anyone from OS. Someone posted wanting the facts- so I gave them. The only thing I did say about OS was that they would have told about the events on here if they were asked. You can't expect to do something like this in public and not have it talked about. I also said that there was no way Coach Headden would condone this behavior. He was not there- had he been I'm sure he would have stopped it. He was made aware of the events and I'm sure the girl has been punished. It is a very serious accusation to make to accuse a coach of telling a pitcher to hit a player. Coach Brackett has never told his pitcher- this year or last- to hit any players. I think this needs to be the end of this thread and everyone needs to move on. District tournaments are next week and these players, coaches, parents and anyone else involved needs to come together and support each other. The lady jackets have just as much of a chance to win the district tourn. as anyone else, but that can't happen if each player doesn't come together and work as a team. Players- forget this event- listen to your coaches and each other, build on last night's win and get focused for the disticts. From what I've seen this year if you are focused and play 7 complete error free innings you are as good as any team out there. Next week all the records go to 0-0. Now is your time to show what hard work and playing a tough schedule can do. You have worked too hard this season to let it all go down the drain because one stupid event.
  21. Thats the problem- kids don't take pride in their school anymore. They are more loyal to travel ball teammates. I am not condoning fighting, but you do think one of them would have stood up and said something.
  22. You are also assuming. I didn't say it was wrong to make it public. If it had been a Kingston player and the OS coach it should have been made public then too. I am not saying anything bad about OS. I simply meant if the shoe were on the other foot - the Os fans would have been on here talking about it. I am not making it public- IT WAS IN PUBLIC. You can't expect something like a player trying to punch a coach to stay quiet. There is no way Coach Headden condones that type of behavior. And I do have plenty of sense -thank you- enough sense to know what happened was wrong.
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