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  1. The biggest thing I can see is our freshman have just gotten more playing time for McKenzie and have gotten better. In addition, we have another running back we didn't have the first time. McKenzie is going to have grind the clock and keep the Tide offense off the field. It will be a tall challenge for the Rebels but as everyone knows, on any given Friday night. Hoping for an injury free game on both sides.
  2. If anyone wants to listen...... Game day Rebels! The McKenzie Rebels travel to Memphis to play Mitchell at Crump Stadium. Kick Off 7:00 Airtime 6:30. 98.9 FM 1440 AM or www.whdmradio.com Or call 1 (518) 896-1349 Kickoff temperature in Memphis 35!!
  3. How is the press box? Will be doing the radio broadcast.
  4. Correct. Their coaches were in McKenzie last Friday night.
  5. Shhhh!! Don't tell all our secrets. LOL
  6. Could they file another court motion to halt the ruling?
  7. No way Trenton falls that much. There Freshman class is really good. They will reload. As long as Shane Jacobs is there, they are solid.
  8. If numbers don't shift, McKenzie will be back down in single A when they are juniors; or so I am being told. I am not sure about Trenton or UC's enrollment numbers. They may drop as well. I have also been told Huntingdon is going to elect to play up in 2A. Waker or Croppy, any truth to that about H'Town? My source I think is pretty reliable.
  9. Okay. Didn’t realize they had a cutoff on the rushing. Thanks!
  10. I looked at the list for rushing touchdowns, and unless I missed it, no one was on there from Mitchell. The lowest was 6 TD's.
  11. KWC Am I reading this correctly all of their TD's are in the air and ZERO on the ground?
  12. At that point, we will be back to single A unless the cutoffs change.
  13. Adamsville will be the one one that likes to throw a lot but the rest are run heavy.
  14. I noticed that on their schedule. We are playing at Crump Stadium.
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