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  1. I heard this morning this got canceled this weekend? Any truth?
  2. volsandtitans1

    Illegal Bat Use - Easton Ghost ?

    We had this discussion last week. As far as we can tell, both Ghost (blue and yellow) are legal in high school play. Neither are on the unapproved list. I had to ask myself about the yellow ghost. I know in travel softball it is only legal in USSSA (unless that has changed recently). Interested to see what other people are seeing across the state. https://www.doubleaasports.com/page/show/3026875-2018-non-approved-asa-bat-list
  3. volsandtitans1

    McKenzie Vs University School

    Thanks. We have the big man in the middle but our guards and forwards can also run. We are well balanced.
  4. volsandtitans1

    McKenzie Vs University School

    Thanks for the feedback. And I agree. You never know who will or won't show up when you get to this time of the year. It's a new season!
  5. volsandtitans1

    McKenzie Vs University School

    By looking at their scores, I put together they could shoot. They had some high scoring games. Going to be a challenge regardless of who you play now. I couldn't find a roster on them. How are they height wise?
  6. volsandtitans1

    McKenzie Vs University School

    Don’t know anything about them. Looks like they can score. Go Rebels!
  7. volsandtitans1

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    Our Rebels have their work cut out for them. I have talked to a couple of my boys back home. ER is very athletic and can run. The freshman, Groves, supposedly is their goto guy. According to my source, he has already received a football offer from Kentucky. He is the nephew of former East Robertson star and UT Vol, Carlus Groves. Should be a good one!
  8. volsandtitans1

    McKenzie Vs East Robertson

    I figured that was his son or maybe a nephew.
  9. volsandtitans1

    McKenzie Vs East Robertson

    Who you got? Having grown up in White House and in high school in the late 80’s, I am well aware of East Robertson. 3 state championships back in those days lead by Carlus Groves. He went on to play At UT. I noticed they have a freshman on their roster with the last name Groves. Has to be related. Should be a good one! Welcome to all the ER fans as you guys travel west!
  10. volsandtitans1

    Who wins Region 6A?

    McKenzie was going to move the boys game to Friday to coincide with the girls playing but apparently, the TSSAA told them they couldn't since it was two different opposing teams. All about that gate money for the TSSAA and getting it two nights.
  11. volsandtitans1

    Who wins Region 6A?

    And here is the thing. Officials from different parts of the state call things differently. Or see things differently. Will be an adjustment for teams.
  12. volsandtitans1

    Who wins Region 6A?

    I do believe in Region play we will get officials either out of Memphis or Northwest Tn. I am not really sure. If Zebra is reading these post, he will know.
  13. volsandtitans1

    TCA @ Peabody 2nd Round

    Should have did a complete reclassification in DI with privates having to move to DII.
  14. volsandtitans1

    TCA @ Peabody 2nd Round

    I just looked on the TSSAA website. They are moving to our region. Brilliant move by the TSSAA.
  15. volsandtitans1

    McKenzie vs Gibson

    Congrats to GC. That defense was lights out. Good luck to you guys! Thanks for all who listened tonight.