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  1. a great win for Bradley's program! I saw OHS play at Brentwood and they looked up and down. Very inconsistant. Serve recieve really hurt them. I am looking forward to seeing BCHS play. I saw then play in the sub state last year @ Siegel. They were outmatched but a good scrappy bunch who just couldn't get anything offensively going. If they can get their offense going... look out. Whoever wins the Chatt Region has a real good chance to go to state. The #2 Team that will come out of the Murf region and will travel to Chatt will be pretty evenly matched with whoever it is. Who are the other AAA teams in chatt that will challenge Bradley and the owls? I think Cookeville, Siegel and Riverdale have a shot at coming out of this region. Do any of the BCHS girls play club ball?
  2. Siegel beat WCHS in 3 tonight. First game was somewhat close. 25-18. The next 2 were 25-15, 25-12 or something very close to that. The Stars looked good tonight.
  3. The outside for IHS is the person I would look out for!
  4. What a great playday. 3 days of solid Volleyball. My impressions coming away was that Brentwood is still Brentwood and Independance is very good. I have not seen Franklin play yet but I have to think that they will come out of that district if it happened today. What a loaded district again, the top 4 or 5 of that district is better then the best team in 90% of the other districts in the state. Siegel was really up and down but ended on a strong note in my opinion. They played well against Centinial and DCA but not so good against Harpeth Hall..although HH played well. Siegel probably ran 10 different line ups in 3 days...or more. So that really affects the way a team plays. I think most teams did that this weekend so some of the ball was inconsistant because of it. The middles for Siegel really played well this weekend, as well as their right side. It is going to be very interesting to see how this team improves. By the way Siegel's JV team looked Very good. A good sign for the futre stars. A warning to all...look out for Independance for a long time to come. Very young and very good.
  5. Siegel went to Univ of Illinois and from what I understand was incredible. The High School talent in Illinois is incredible thus the camp was better for it.
  6. SIEGEL HIGH SCHOOL--is having a Middle School Tournament at SHS. Contact Kathy Slaughter for information. 615-330-9379
  7. Little inside info here. Having a bus does not mean anything...that responsibility is left up to all the coaches (except football maybe). All you have to do is hire a bus driver or the coach gets a endorsement and then the coach can use the school's bus. I realize that not all schools have buses but most do., as for Lebanon High School I would not be surprised if they did not have athletic buses. The Volleyabll programs I have been associated with actually fundraise, just to be able to pay a bus driver. The mid-west is starting to get men's volleyball as well.
  8. Ashley Asberry is an outstanding talent. She is unknown because she didn't play club ball and she broke her leg last year about half way through the season. She was the best middle blocker that I saw all year. Gigantic hands, freakish vertical and very raw. Before it is all over she will be a dominate force at Middle Tenn. She is a diamond in the ruff. If she would have played Club she would have been a big time div 1 player...even though she isn't 6 feet tall.
  9. I have heard Siegel is going to Univ Of Illinois. That should be interesting to see how they stack up against the midwest.
  10. Don't worry about who I am you need to worry about how big of an idiot you sound like, whining on coachT. If want to play baseball- then play...don't whine and don't cut down a kid that doesnt deserve it. When you point your finger at someone else you will have 10 coming back at you.
  11. Dodrill is the best defensive catcher in the county...no contest. great work ethic, good ability and good coaching. Dusty, quit your whining you sound like a girl who didn't win prom queen and now she is bitter. Coaches don't cut talent, unless there is a bigger issue then that.
  12. at a college baseball game the other night I heard an old man yell "get the married guys off the field coach" he may have been drunk.
  13. Unless Siegel learns how to play TEAM defense and then actually run a fluid offense they will not win any more big games. One pass and a shot is not an offense. Keith should touch the ball on every possession down the court. I am not sure I have ever seen them run an offensive set in the 10 games I have seen them play. They win on athletic ability and that is it. Warren County is terrible and Cookeville is about as bad and they should have lost the Cookeville game as well. I get sick of seeing their guards chase their player and the big men bite on every pump fake. Lets not mention that they get beat down the court by slower players.
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