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  1. i’m just here so i don’t get fined
  2. Just to add my 2 cents...im not much of a regular on here but OW you seem to have something against alot of these people? Why is that? If you have a problem you should handle it like an adult. Not by acting like a child and makeing fun of people and using name calling. Its very immature imo. Wrestling God and Bump are 2 significant people on here and for some reason you think its funny to bash them. All for what? Because they dont agree with you....?
  3. Who have been the best wrestlers pound for pound produced by the state of Tennessee in the past 10 years? Some names to start with: (no particular order) Kaleb Baker Zach Watson Justin Cash Michael Hooker Campbell Lewis Nic Bundy T.J. Duncan Jacob Stevens
  4. If you take the top 6 in both D1 and D2 and make a 12 man bracket and place top 6, the majority of placers would be from D1. There are MANY D2 placers that would not come close to placing in D1. But most placers in D1 would place in D2. I truly believe that. And place higher i might add. After the state champs and some runner ups in D2, the talent drops off
  5. I agree mostly. But Langford wins at 138, and heavyweight isnt even close. Bruno pins
  6. With the right coaching and leadership, over his 4 year high school career, Sidney Blackwood couldve easily been a state champion. In my opinion
  7. Did you? 4th in traditional state with 6 medalists. Including 2 finalists. Id say thats pretty good
  8. Cordova wrestler is Byron SMITH. For Coach of the Year, i feel like i must add Kramer (Wilson Central) Peck (Ravenwood) and Roberts (Beech). Roberts and Kramer have both tremendously turned their respective programs into top dog teams. And Ravenwood always seems to pull it out at the end. But i dont know if anyone expected a 3rd place finish. Or a 4th place finish for Beech. Or a Runner Up in Duals for Wilson Central. These coaches are definately doing something right. With Beech and Central being a toss up in my book for Most Improved. Also, for Wrestler of the Year, i cant help but add Jacob Stevens to your list of nominees. He dismantled everyone at State. Including Byron Smith. The kid is the real deal. One of the best ive ever seen.
  9. dca44

    Team Scores?

    I agree. Stevens wasnt going to be stopped. MOW well deserved. He was unbeatable
  10. Ahh i knew you were his dad! I am here openly apologizing for putting your son down in anyway. You made a bold statement predicting him to win regions. And i just did not agree with that. Clearly he has proved me wrong! Very proud of Kevin. Repped Region 7 well. First state medal to west creek and couldnt have gone to a tougher kid! S/O to young Mr. Knier. I look forward to watching him compete over the next 2 years
  11. dca44

    Team Scores?

    Thank you. Do you have numbers?
  12. Ok cause track says tiebreaker. What are team scores?
  13. What happened in the 182 5th place match? Win by tiebreaker???
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