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  1. Loudon by 2tds. First time Loudon has had a QB since Plemons. Harig boy gonna be putting up big stats in the years to come.
  2. Defensive personnel really had me scratching my head. Always had speed on the edges in the past and then there’s a lineman playing linebacker
  3. Loudon wanted it more than Greenback and they embarrassed them. It was Loudons Super Bowl bc they will always play for second place with Alcoa in 3A.
  4. Greenbacks best lineman is a freshman. So if you think GB has the best lineman in single A then might want to get use to them having the best lineman single A for a few years.
  5. Black helmet will staple your tongue to your taint so you can watch him kick your arse and it’s Mr Black Helmet to you
  6. Not my pig not my farm but sounds like a law needs to be enforced for Greenback residents only sell their houses to parents that don’t have kids that play football. So South Pitt fans don’t give up on their season before summer dead period. Pitter patter
  7. TSSAA page has University beating Loretto 6-1 is this true?
  8. You seen GC play Loretto? If so what would be your prediction of TCA vs Loretto? Did TCA get some transfers in this year?
  9. I could be mistaken but I think TCA has only played one team that made it to state. Greenback has 5 opponents playing at state this year so there will be a lot of questions answered after TCA’s second game against Loretto. Other side will be interesting with Eagleville Summertown and Greenback.
  10. Bc he’s never heard of CAK, Alcoa, Loudon, William Blount, Heritage, Pigeon Forge, and Grace
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