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  1. TSSAA page has University beating Loretto 6-1 is this true?
  2. You seen GC play Loretto? If so what would be your prediction of TCA vs Loretto? Did TCA get some transfers in this year?
  3. I could be mistaken but I think TCA has only played one team that made it to state. Greenback has 5 opponents playing at state this year so there will be a lot of questions answered after TCA’s second game against Loretto. Other side will be interesting with Eagleville Summertown and Greenback.
  4. Bc he’s never heard of CAK, Alcoa, Loudon, William Blount, Heritage, Pigeon Forge, and Grace
  5. @tonybologna which team do you think has had the toughest schedule in Single A?
  6. I see Gordonsville pulling this one out and could be a sleeper in the tourney. Where is Hunter Mann going next year?
  7. Hey balogna we need an update and prediction of your picks for the Single A state tournament . Media don’t cover baseball like they do football.
  8. No reason for Greenback to ever play Grace bc this is the result every time. Grace gets the laugh at the reactions and Greenback fans look like the whiners but it has to be obvious they only complain about one opponent. O&B is correct a book can be wrote about the grace bandits for over a decade. Being the Christian men that GCAPride or RaiseemRight are I think they should poke around a little bit and put a stop to the thievery since their boys moved on or will be moving on and will no longer need to reap the benefits cheating to win games. Think about this tied ball game going into the last inning with one of your best hitters coming up as he’s taking his catcher gear off to get ready to bat you see the field umpire not the ump behind the plate but the field umpire go to the dugout to eject him for wearing a two piece helmet gear that he has wore all year. I believe any coach would blow a gasket especially bc there were so many calls out in the field from this ump that was so horrid that no way he can sleep at night for being the thief he is. To top it off the catcher and coach has to sit out two more games. Stole two games from this kid’s senior year. Hope the ump makes it to sunrise service in the morning.
  9. I want to get invited to this guys thanksgiving dinner next year Better eat something to soak them beverages up. Can’t be feeling rough in the morning it will be gameday!
  10. Whitwell has the athletes to compete with Greenback so I think it’s left up to the line play. Anxious to see how it’s going to play out
  11. Ok thanks! Don’t think many mikes have had big nights on the cherokees for a few years especially if there’s not a nose man. @cherokee23 can correct me if I’m wrong
  12. Just hope we can see a rematch. Greenback hasnt done anything to impress anybody this year bc they have done what they was suppose to do and that is win. Hard to have a signature win if youre picked to win them all. If Greenback handles whitwell that still wont be impressive to many but im expecting a dog fight this friday and cant wait. Imagine being a vol fan and not having a good high school football team.
  13. From your perspective you could pick atleast 3 of greenbacks players as MVP's who had more stats than the Cornersville team. But you wont have to worry about Gilbert this year and might not even Greenback. GB will have their hands full this friday for the state championship
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