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  1. In the past 6 seasons here in GRUNDY we haven't won a game against a team with a winning record! With the TSSAA playoff system in place in my opinion is a joke! No team going 4-6 an has not got a quality win shouldn't even be considered for playoff contention. The first round of the playoffs is all about putting money in the TSSAA organization. All first round games are blowouts anyway. So when you try to give credit to a coach for that it is way over rated. I find it humorous that someone not from GRUNDY acts like they know more about our situation than the people from here. With that being said the beav is done with this situation. It's time to focus on the future and hope for brighter days ahead! Everyone have a Merry Christmas!
  2. He resigned. Character was not the issue here. People here that has preaching this a couple years back is shocking me by the comments that's being made! Not sure why the change of heart all of a sudden. But never the less I'm glad to hear of it. No football players has signed a scholarship to move on, and his record speaks for itself.
  3. Well there has been some things that's been needing to happen that FINALLY took place!! Some long overdue changes, glad to hear of it and looking forward to a fresh new beginning. Let's just do our homework and make a good decision.
  4. Can we say where there needs to be an opening?? If so, GRUNDY Co.
  5. Well just getting in a little while ago. But were there any GRUNDY faithful that honestly thought this game would be any different? If you take away Grace Baptist and Cumberland County we haven't won but 3 games in quite a few years. But there's a few faithful that sing the praises of making the playoffs, just to play a 1 or 2 seed and get sent back home with our tails tucked. It's sad that with this being how it ended again there will probably not be a long over due change in good ole GRUNDY! So all you GRUNDY fans and board members can keep singing the praises of our wonderful staff and keep expecting the same results!! Because it's never gonna change unless there is a house cleaning, period!!
  6. Well this Is simply a wasted trip for GRUNDY! If we have no quality wins how can a team like this even make the playoffs in my opinion. TSSAA needs to fix this!
  7. It's a toss up in my opinion. We always have to remember this too. It's deer season now so everything in GRUNDY boy sports shuts down. Also talk is down up here because we know that nothing is ever gonna change and we have about threw our hands up. I'm beginning to wonder if anyone truly cares about our athletes up here and there well being not only while there in high school but about getting them to the next level. We hear of change but apparently it's all rumors and everyone is scared to pull the trigger to make the changes. So this ship is continuing to sink and will as long as nothing's done. I haven't posted or even been here in awhile but thought I would share my thoughts and put this out there.
  8. Told you South Pitt wouldn't have any problems! To think you guys were sweating this one.
  9. No worries. South Pitt rolls GRUNDY has trouble tackling a quick back.
  10. See that's where we differ up in GRUNDY. This is the best talent we have seen up here in years, the past 2 or 3 seasons. I used to try and say the same things you are ambassador but after all these years and with nothing any better. This is as far and best as GRUNDY football will ever be with the Bryant's here.
  11. Well my opinion is this, South Pitt gets the win here with or without our QB. It takes a team effort for any win!! I agree with what Opie says, we haven't had a defense in years and we will never be better than mediocre as long as this staff is here. Ambassador you are wrong also, if GRUNDY was to pull out this win there's no reason he should keep his job. A win over a down south Pitt team shouldn't matter. He hasn't proven himself, period! It sounds like your feeling a little disappointed also in your coaching staff? My opinion is this, others might not agree but with this jr. Jacket team probably gonna stay undefeated with this coach, why not give him a chance with the players that's winning for him now? Is he our answer? Who knows friends, but let's give him a shot he's getting the job done now. Because when they come up under this Bryant regime its gonna be no different than the past 6 years we have had with him being head coach.
  12. Opie, here at GRUNDY things are never gonna change with this coaching staff in place! That sir is a factual statement! GRUNDY I don't believe will ever see 5-5 this season. The Bryant's have never followed up an emotional win with a loss.
  13. Signal will win by 40+ in this contest. It's gonna be BAD!!
  14. Yea Dixie boy I guess it does, maybe you could watch and learn some pointers yourself.
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