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  1. 17NCS

    Metro Rumors

    What I haven't seen mentioned regarding the rumored Hillwood hire is this.... How does the new hire affect the current coaches on staff and the teaching positions that these coaches hold? Most metro people understand the extreme difficulty in building a quality coaching staff. It takes administrative help in which we seldom see in MNPS. I believe both Broome and Moore are qualified HCs. I believe the Bellevue community would welcome Broome the same way as they will welcome Moore if in fact he is the hire. I haven't seen anything official yet. All of metro has a ways to go to catch up to Cane Ridge....
  2. 17NCS

    Metro Rumors

    Anyone know the finalists for the Hillwood position? The new Principal at Hillwood appears to be care more about the school than his predecessor from my point of view.
  3. 17NCS

    Metro Rankings

    PC's HC recruited MLK kids when they were playing with Hillsboro in 2007. He was successful in pulling those kids away from Hillsboro only to see them miss out on a State Championship in 2008.
  4. 17NCS

    Hillwood question

    I think they will be looking for a new coach for next year. They should be a 4A school. I believe they are the smallest 5A school in the State.
  5. 17NCS

    Metro Rankings

    Coach Fitz is a metro legend imo. Like him or hate him, he is a winner. He made Pearl Cohn into a power. They have not been nearly as good since he left and now they benefit from getting some of their best players from MLK which is a great school with really bright student-athletes. It didn't hurt that he had at least two NFL players on his PC roster back in the day. I think Fitz really cares about Metro football. He has helped kids at other schools by getting them into tutoring sessions which are geared to raise their ACT/SAT scores. Metro and Hillsboro are better off with him on the sideline.
  6. 17NCS

    Metro Rankings

    You are wise beyond your years bigchief.
  7. 17NCS

    Passing of "The Man" - Herschel Moore

    Prayers to the Moore family. Legendary coach.
  8. 17NCS

    Metro Rankings

    Pearl played really well vs MBA. MBA was a bit more disciplined and their FG kicker was a difference maker. If Hillwood had any kind of a kicking game, they'd be 2-0. Appears CR is the top of metro once again. Great staff.
  9. 17NCS


    Oakland is one of the top programs in the State regardless of classification. Not sure a RB transferring to Oakland from NCS is an indictment on any wrong doings at NCS. I assume one would get more college exposure at Oakland vs NCS. You posed the question, so what are your thoughts on why the kid wants to transfer?
  10. 17NCS


    Are you implying that Hillwood's coach will be the HC at Bellevue?
  11. 17NCS

    Metro Rankings

    How did that work out for the MLK kids? I can tell you, they missed out on a State Title in 2008.
  12. 17NCS

    Metro Rankings

    Why is the Principal silly and how did they lose money by playing BA instead of PC?
  13. 17NCS

    Metro Rankings

    Is it true that at least one metro playoff team did not practice on Thursday's? I have a hard time believing this but the source is reliable.
  14. 17NCS

    Starting a Middle School football team

    I was in your shoes and started not only a football program but all middle school sports. Coca Cola provided us with 5K for uniforms/equipment in exchange for a big Coca Cola electronic scoreboard in our new gym Fundraisers are the key. Cheerleading, Volleyball, Soccer, Wrestling, Basketball and Track & Field were our sports in Middle School. Football Helmets and Shoulder pads are expensive and must be maintained and refreshed every couple of years. Hopefully you will get some of the equipment from the two other schools you mentioned. Get hand me downs from the High School you feed into. Get the HS coaches to put on a clinic for your guys towards the end of the summer I opened up the middle school gym two days a week in the summer for the kids to come and shoot ball. This allowed me to stay in touch with my student athletes through the summer and to make sure they were in shape to start the fall season
  15. Well done my friend. Congratulations on a perfect season