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  1. Wooddale won state..they were just better that night..it was clear from jump ball..
  2. Maybe those teams weren't that good my guy but I get it though, maybe no one can beat the mighty Jackson Southside but we will see...
  3. Those Liberty teams were good!! Like really good!! I'm not sure Jackson SouthSide on that level but they are undefeated so I give them cred there. So sounds like this, make them play half court and not turn it over from their press and you can give them a game, true?
  4. Mitchell teams back then..Thad days...4-5 d-1 guys...Southside deep like that?
  5. Good "simple" answer...I was looking for more from someone who wouldn't take offense to the question...
  6. Hard to argue any kid better in Double A than Lawson kid. 50 pt triple double last week and leading Memphis in scoring
  7. What's Haywood record? How they look on that side?
  8. South Gibson still first on that side?
  9. Egypt decent but they won't win that league, they guards not that good but do have one kid that shoots it great. .He just can't dribble but you let him catch and shoot the ball, its a bucket. I think they call him Squirrel, I don't know his real name. Craigmont scrappy, I think they play Wooddale on Tuesday or Wednesday this week. They undefeated in they league according to folks on Facebook
  10. SayWhat

    Memphis BB

    Chandler is good for Briarcrest but he not Duke good. I watched him struggle against Little Rock Hall Friday night and play okay against Olive Branch, another game they lost. He a good pg, great vision, smart, crafty ball handler. I've watched him grow over the years, I can definitely tell he on diff level now but so can he. He carries himself like a 5 star but you gotta play like it too at all times. He needs to be in the right system to be effective. Doesn't shoot it that great either but you the instruments he has and you can see why folks think he like that.
  11. SayWhat

    Memphis BB

    #11 from Wooddale is Lawson I believe, he played extremely well considering they played maybe the best put together team I've seen in High School in 10 years in Montverde. They beat OB by 40 the night before and they were missing their second best player in Scottie Barnes who I think is going to Florida State University. He wasn't scared, that's what I like about that kid. The number one player in the country in 2021, Kuminga scored just 14 against Montverde and lost by 47, that kid scored 23 against them. I watched him against Lausanne the night before and he had 36, he can go! Cisse a monster too!! No doubt about it. Jalen Brown had 4 points in the game against Lausanne, he had a bad bad game. Friday night. You gotta show up in games like that if you top 60 supposedly in the country but again, he he a kid, so no biggie, it happens. Kid from East I think you talking about Posey, he can go too!! Just undersized 4, not a high level guy but maybe a HBCU or someone will give him a call. If he was 6'8, it would be different for him for sure. Other big next to Cisse is really raw, he not a guy you can throw it to and say go get me a bucket underneath, he a guy who play hard and will get better as he gets older in college.Solid 4 year player, will play a lot his second year if Mccarty is still at Evansville with his issues he has going on.
  12. How do you know? Have you seen all those teams play? I have, what's your opinion?
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