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  1. SayWhat

    Memphis BB

    Arlington should be pretty decent in their coach first year. He did good job last year at Raleigh-Egypt, just lost at the wrong time. I see them being good next year in the convo as one of the 3 4 best teams in Triple A next year. They might be there this year but that's because it seem a lil down to me in Triple A this year.
  2. SayWhat

    Memphis BB

    Brown is at Wooddale this year. That makes them viable, they were already going to be pretty decent but adding him takes Wooddale to a different level in Double A in Memphis. Houston is going to be the team to beat in Triple A!! I love what they have, they are big at every position. Only problem with them, will be their bench and they have a 6'7 freshman on the bench!! East tougher than them though, no where as talented but tougher and Whitehaven guards are better but much smaller and Whitehaven has no bigs at all. Houston should run it but you never know!
  3. Chandler the sophomore in Memphis hands down. Definitely top 100 guy in my opinion..
  4. Whitehaevn will be good but they won't won't make it out the city this year, I agree with you Gaililee
  5. Alvin Miles is not at Wooddale anymore Gaiilee. He went back to Whitehaven for his senior year. Heard he just didn't wanna play for Phillips who is at Vandy now. Could be rumor but I think he should have stayed at Wooddale. Whitehaven won't make it out of the region this year.
  6. What does Bolivar have? Aren't they Double A?
  7. I think Melrose ban was lifted as well.
  8. Will Fitzpatrick be eligible? I can't see Brentwood being really happy about that. He is going to need a heck of a hardship
  9. This is big time for Memphis high school basketball...big big time..the area was already loaded in 2021 but with dude coming in, man!!!
  10. East Nashville? Who are you talking about?
  11. How did Bolivar finish last year?
  12. I like Wooddale, I don't think it's close either my guy. I think Fayette Ware is right there with SouthSide as well...
  13. Yep Mason gotta loooooong way to go but he could be good in time. If he truly truly works...
  14. Do they play Memphis teams that challenge them? At his dad thanksgiving tournament? I know of his father, I know that Fuller played at Memphis etc, his father Wes Henning..I'm not new to the scene my guy. I've been following high school basketball in Memphis a long time and surrounding area. With that said, I thought they were good last year but losing to Gipson wasn't good. Woodale was up 25 on them and won by 18-19 points. Gipson was good but Jackson SS shouldn't have lost to them.
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