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  1. SayWhat

    West TN Coaching Jobs

    Fayette Ware has been filled for weeks....
  2. SayWhat

    Fulton vs Wooddale..thoughts

    I dont think Bearden repeats....they senior loaded right?
  3. SayWhat

    Fulton vs Wooddale..thoughts

    I watched them play a lot this year...game before..they hit 9 3 pointers..they shoot the 3 very well...Zone wouldn't have worked either, they just would have went inside like they did in the 2nd half and that was the difference. Wooddale coach posted Chandler more in the second half and once he did that...all she wrote and that big dagger 3 in the 4th...they pulled off...
  4. Sounds like a role player...system type guy...what your describing...he doesn't have killer instinct at all.....he is very talented though....Someone needs to push that out of him...
  5. SayWhat

    Fulton vs Wooddale..thoughts

    Fulton had a good team...if Wooddale had made the shots they normally do, those 3s...that game wouldn't have been close but give those guys cred...they played hard..the Davis guard not to bad...should be a good juco guard. Same for the smaller guard with the crazy hair..Lacy I think was his name...
  6. Glover was the best guard at the state tournament...period....I thought Murrell should have been more aggressive....looked out of sorts much of the game against Bearden...Bearden was really really good..people forget, they gave East a tough game last year when East was way more talented....
  7. The 15 turnovers didn't help and the 9 for 29 from the 3 ball line. Live by the 3, die by it...Good game Austin East...not a bad team.
  8. SayWhat

    Class AA Sectional Matchups

    You think Austin East and Wooddale will be close? From watching video, I can't see it but you maybe on to something...
  9. SayWhat

    Class AA Sectional Matchups

    Can we talk about basketball instead of enrollment? Austin East, Fulton, East Nashville, Brainerd? Thanks in advance, sincerely, a high school bball fan..
  10. SayWhat

    Class AAA Sectional Matchups

    Best advice...try to do what Bolton did..Stall..hold the ball...limit possessions...question is though, do you have the guard play to do that. If not, East wins that game by 20
  11. SayWhat

    Class AAA Sectional Matchups

    East all over Bolton by 20 plus points....Bartlett a hard place to play and their team is really good!! I don't think people really gave them their cred this year in Memphis. With that said..I got Bartlett beating Whitehaven pretty good tonight.
  12. You might be right man...I don't know about the turnover part but I think they kill them rebounding like you said....Key for Mitchell is making shots...they don't shoot the 3 well at all. Guards like penetrating and stopping for the pull up jumpers around the elbow. Both twins play the exact same, one is a lil better scorer though.
  13. That's a good point..^^^ Could be tired...Mitchell very well coached too but FW might be riding a wave of momentum...they were impressive last night. If that game is in the 50-60s...edge to Mitchell..above 70..FW will win...
  14. FW looked really good last night. Was very poised, guards made shots, that Yates kid shot the lights out in the second half. All they role guys stepped up.
  15. Yep..they were up 20 in that one...FW made a run at the end...won by 7-8 I believe...