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  1. Wiredtowin1

    Cyunts Hil comes two 825

    Do you mean Merryville?
  2. Wiredtowin1

    THSSCA Senior All Star Game Information

    Anyone have the rosters and results from this match-up?
  3. Wiredtowin1

    Showing Class

    Did you forget— Don’t be a mommy/daddy coach from the sideline.
  4. Wiredtowin1

    AAA State Tournament

    I thought at Maryville the only thing that mattered is gold?
  5. Wiredtowin1

    Showing Class

    Different etiquette for different sports. Would you be happy if your daughter was a golfer and some clown yelled during her back swing? Also, large numbers of free throws occur in basketball/with PK's the game is on the line for each one taken. I would be highly upset if my fans did this to an opponent and yes I would say it shows a definite lack of class/poor sportsmanship.
  6. Wiredtowin1

    District 7 A/AA seeds are set

    Can Booger address his fixation with CCHS? Does it stem from Boogerette's soph season when ND went 0-3 vs CCHS? Did Coach Cal dis Booger at some point? Is Booger a bit envious of the CCHS complex--nice turf pitch regulation size vice ND's football field? Inquiring minds want to know!!! Both are strong programs but just sayin' CCHS seems to be peaking at the right time. Two impressive wins this week vs Maryville (3-1) and at CAK (3-0). I guess that pales at least in Booger's perspective because the Irish are District Champions based on beating Signal Mtn by two more goals that CCHS did. Best of luck to both teams!
  7. Wiredtowin1

    Tournaments Fall 2015

    Bearden Tournament Bearden 2 Baylor 2 Bearden 5 Father Ryan 0 Bearden 0 Clarksville 1 Farragut 2 Clarksville 1 Farragut 3 Lincoln Co. 1 Farragut 1 Father Ryan 1 Maryville 4 Catholic 0 Maryville 1 Father Ryan 1 Maryville 2 Clarksville 0 Hardin Valley 2 Notre Dame 1 Hardin Valley 2 Baylor 3 Hardin Valley Hendersonville Hendersonville 1 Baylor 1 ND 0 Catholic 0 ND 1 Lincoln 1 Catholic 6 McMinn 0 Mcminn 5 Lincoln 2
  8. Wiredtowin1

    Big Preseason Matches and Scores

    Oak Ridge 3 CAK 1 according to Eurosports.
  9. Wiredtowin1

    Big Preseason Matches and Scores

    This week in Knoxville area. MON CAK vs Oak Ridge TUE West vs Halls Bearden vs South Doyle Maryville vs Notre Dame Catholic vs Powell WED CAK vs Lenoir City THU Powell vs South Doyle Hardin Valley vs Jefferson County Oak Ridge vs Maryville Karns vs Catholic
  10. Wiredtowin1

    Jimmy Burchett out at Franklin

    Probably a princess or two weren't getting enough play time or were playing the wrong position.
  11. Wiredtowin1

    Is the split coming?

    Some very good discussion with most folks staying civil. It is easy to see all sides of this if you take your blinders off and realize there is no easy solution. A couple of remarks. First I will state that my perspective. i am from the AAA, public school side and my daughter played HS and D1 club soccer. * Regarding someone's comment that public school coaching and facilities are lacking in comparison to privates. Very broad comment. I have seen lots of public schools devoting more $$ into soccer over the last decade. Also, the top public schools have very good coaching--some with staffs of 2-3 which most clubs don't' have with many coaches having a club coaching background. Competition bears out that there is good soccer played at public AAA schools as well--I ran some numbers of coacht top ten publics records vs privates this year and it was something like 16-2-2 to include Bearden over ND, Mcminn over ND, Farragut over Briarcrest, Maryville over GPS, Franklin over BGA/Father Ryan etc. * I feel for the A/AA's small publics who as the data shows basically are out-classed by the privates at tournament time. I also see the private school dilemma in not wanting to go separate or move to AAA. * So let me throw out a possible solution. Continue districts as is. Once region tournament is over separate A/AA into A and AA. Privates go into the AA sub state brackets. Publics are given the option of going AA if they qualify at region OR dropping into the A bracket which is composed of all small public school teams. Some type of power rating would have to be devised to put the 16 top small publics into the A sub state round. The devil is in the details to come up with a way to do this but it should pass the TSSAA test because you will have another set of games to collect $$ from. And privates can compete with best privates and the top notch public AA schools who want to put their game at that level. I am thinking Greeneville this year/they were upset by CAK but should have been at state and would have been very competitive with ND and Catholic. AND, the small publics have a shot at a ring in A! Let the slinging of arrows begin!! This is most likely moot because soccer means nil + .005 to TSSAA.
  12. Wiredtowin1

    Is the split coming?

    Just move privates to AAA. THE Notre Dame University-12,000 seems to do a pretty good job competing with Michigan-43,000, Texas-51,000, USC-40,000 and other bigger schools.
  13. Wiredtowin1


    Cut and paste. The Schedule Strength column (left) ranks teams based on the average win percentage of their scheduled opponents. The Strength + Success column (right) combines the opponent win percentage from the left with the team's own win percentage. Teams that perform better against opponents that perform better will rank higher. Everybody is 0-0-0 starting on Saturday.
  14. Wiredtowin1


    20,20,20....do I hear 20?? Last year it was 16. I think 20 is a strong possibility due to Devil frustration with record. But, I will say under/over number is 17. Any players?