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  1. I tell you the men have really shown me something ! I Have had to ask for some forgiveness from my Savior, I talked horrid about Coach, I know when I mess up and as a man gotta hold myself accountable, what I Habe realized is I might not “agree” with coach’s style of coaching but I am on the couch and he’s coaching g a gold balll game, so who am I to critique?! Our community never ceases to amaze me !!! Gold it’s what we do
  2. Well the great thing is your opinion nor mine matters a bit , I was quick to jump in bashing him as well until I found out he made more a move as a real man,Christian and leader than a guy worried about you or me talking crap, he in my opinion he changed some lives, maybe we are looking at the small picture and he is looking bigger ! No hate just being real !
  3. Game day Tide ! Let’s go ! Play physical on D and look for your teammates on O ! This is a team sport, the drama,chatter don’t matter a bit, go win this for your community your colors your fam and most importantly each and everyone of your brothers reppin Black N Gold on the hardwood !!!! RTR
  4. A wise post, always seems as if you know some connected Tide folk ! This was a team choice, I myself was to judgmental of the young man, the dad, I stand by my words, the ball players made their minds up and so far it has worked out, Mr Hunt played humble and hard all game ! Roll Tide Roll
  5. Sorry Charlie all girls played in the band, try again , swing and a miss shooter !
  6. Gonna be a great game, PHS hangs their hat on D , ER looks loaded , what a game we get to see !!!
  7. ^^^^^^^^Enter the village idiot^^^^^^^^
  8. You must be a parent or more of a homer than even Ole P Pride good sir !
  9. I never understood him playing at all, Tide is loaded with ballers without him, both Key Brothers and Ganaway and several more !
  10. Absolutely facts here ! Like I said earlier, no disrespect to Reb Nation, but Peabody had the top 4 athletes on the floor and the Rebs was in it till mid 4th IMO, Peabody hasn’t played a team this season more talented and lost ALOT of games due to Divas, sloppy play and kids quitting on plays ! I’m gonna pull for the Tide”of course” but the better team will win this game, unless we come together overnight that will be Clay County
  11. Get outta here aint nobody opened a can of dog food, gittttttt gonnnnnnnn, bad mutt !
  12. The Football program is lead very hands on by the amazing leadership of Shane Jacob’s and Tab Vowel and many others, I didn’t agree with some situations that did arise end of the season, but, I am a fan and have absolute faith in that leadership, and thank you for the kind words, I have always enjoyed your posts on this site !
  13. Well I bleed black and gold, but, I don’t see a W tmrw, Clay is to well coached and plays solid on both sides of the ball, PHS has offense firepower like no other but don’t play together, the defense they are amazing and very much together, this team is very Bi Polar in play at times !! Love them as players, so many great young men, but the facts are still the facts no matter my heart and love for my Tide ! RTR
  14. PHS is talent wise the best in A, but if you notice they get a lead and get lazy and sloppy, no knock to the Rebs but a focused well coached PHS wins that game by 30 or more ! Sorry I said what I said
  15. That’s what’s insane, we are a better team without him !!!!
  16. Sad fact is they are a good enough “team” without him to have a shot to win it all !! With him they have one more guy that can score but a horrid team chemistry
  17. Man oh Man ! Considering a lot of us know each other personally on here, I know I can speak for some and truly question why this is even a option, someone said he just sat a couple games and was always coming back ! That’s a absolute lie ! I will support our young men that fought to get here but this is a major Disappointment !!!!!
  18. His dad worked his way to the sideline and managed to undermine and almost derail out entire season ! Hasn’t been on sideline for a bit now
  19. Hunt isn’t a Tidemen never really was !!!!!! He isn’t playing , people forget before mr selfish and his crazy old man came to T town we was loaded, both Key Brothers and Ganaway are amazing talents, I honestly feel without Hunt our record would be better !!!!! Roll Tide
  20. Unless Peabody learns to play as a team a very talented team won’t live up to the potential!
  21. Not sure Hornets are well coached and have solid fundamentals , I hope to make this one myself
  22. The Key brothers and Ganaway brothers both do ! Four of our five starters just joined the team after football, all players that play football as folows Derek Key Demarcus Key Tyrone Brown malik Ganaway treveon pharms isacc dehaan ace meadows And I am probably forgetting someone
  23. All the fellas was still playing football at that time for the Tide
  24. Power P with the impressive win ! Love all you power P boys ! Everyone cashing Rebels ticket next year these boys in Trenton might have something to say ! So impressed with Pirates resolve thru this crazy year !
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