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  1. Didn't mean to come across as harsh as it sounded. But we have come to expect excellence in our football program in Henry County. One can say we are a little spoiled when you look around at other programs who struggle to get to the .500 mark on a yearly basis. We don't get passed the quarterfinals and feel like it was a "down" year. I do understand that it will be a re-loading year. That being said, I expect to win at least 2 out of the 4 non-region games and sweep the Clarksville region.
  2. Our strength is tradition, coaching, and work ethic. Try telling the team and coaches that 6-4 would be a "nice" season and see how that goes. I say this group goes at least 8-2 and another deep run in the playoffs.
  3. That's true, when Gaddis got to Henry County and turned things around, they dropped us like a hot potato. I know for a fact that both teams had open dates that could have worked, but Morris didn't want to. The thing is, we scrimmage every year and both team's fans say it would be a competitive game, not to mention a monster gate. Maybe since Morris is out of the picture, it has a chance of happening.
  4. Definitely need to get rid of Liberty. I say replace them with Milan, Covington, or another solid program from nearby whose fans support and travel well. A good crowd/rivalry within an hour drive would be nice. I vote Covington. Then, the 3A, 4A, and 5A state championship representatives from the West could play each other.
  5. I agree with your point about the current players being in the Big game. Central does have the edge there. It's been a few years for the Patriots and their current players were in middle school in 2013. And, to your point about coaches not being able to get out there and play themselves; I strongly believe that great, experienced coaches can be the difference. Who can teach and prepare their players (mentally and physically) well enough to execute at the highest, most stressful level, and Win? Henry County has done that...twice. Henry County 17 Central 14 Duplicate score of 2011 when the Patriots defeated Powell.
  6. Agreed. I believe the experience of "winning the big one" will prove valuable for the Patriots. The coaches' know what it takes and will use that knowledge to pull it out: Ball security, minimal penalties, no big plays on defense, and patience on offense.
  7. Forcing Henry County to throw may be the last thing the Bobcats want to do
  8. No problem. One thing the Patriots have never been accused of, is being soft. In 2013, a Patriot linebacker pretty much blew up a West running back's helmet.
  9. Giving the edge to the Patriots. They have been there and done that. Most of the coaches were there when they last won it all in '13. I think Central comes in just a little overanxious.
  10. I think the final score was like 55-46, so a lot of yards were gained on both sides.
  11. That's correct. I think Storme Hilliard had almost as many yards as Hurd did.
  12. Both will be good games. Personally, I'd go to Paris for the tailgating and college-like atmosphere. Trenton can't come close to that.
  13. Rain, wind, snow, hail, tornado, hurricane, etc. Doesn't matter to the Patriots. Usually, advantage goes to the more mentally tough team; advantage HC
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