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  1. Thank you to all who have registered their wrestlers in our tournament. Unfortunately, we have had to close registration as our numbers significantly surpassing our expections. We still want everyone to be able to get mat time as this is a JV and Girls, and in order to prevent us from being there all night we have had to cap the amount of wrestlers. We will make sure we adjust to the increase in participation for next year. We plan to add a few more mats in our auxiliary gym next year. We also will be looking at changing the format of the tournament. Please keep us in mind when you are planning your schedules for next season. Thank you for your understanding. Best of luck this season.
  2. Just wanted to let everyone know there are still openings for this tournament. We are accepting multiple wrestlers per weight class. This tournament is about getting mat time for our JV and Girl wrestlers. Last year almost all wrestlers got 4-5 matches due to us pooling wrestlers by actual weight. All wrestlers will get an additional pound on Saturday (+3 from scratch. ex - 126 would be 129) If you want to participate, please email ([email protected]) or text me (615-598-8419) and I'll be glad to add you to the tournament and send you the link to register. The deadline to register is 10:00 pm CST on Friday January 17th. Thank you all and best of luck this season. Donovan Freeman Head Coach - Siegel High
  3. We are allowing for more than one wrestler to participate in each weight division. Also there will be an additional pound allowance due to some wrestling Friday. However we will be pooling wrestlers by actual weight.
  4. Links have been sent out. If you want to participate in the tournament and haven't received a link, please email me at [email protected] Line ups are due by Friday January 17 at 10:00 pm CST. Thank you, Donovan Freeman Siegel High School Head Wrestling Coach
  5. RAMSEY RUMBLE WHEN: Saturday January 18, 2020 WEIGH INS: JV - 7:30 am (round robins based on actual weight) Girls - 8:15 am (round robins based on actual weight) WRESTLING BEGINS: 9:30 am COST: $10 per wrestler. Please make checks out to Siegel Wrestling. Bring checks with you or mail checks to: Siegel High School (attn: Donovan Freeman) 3300 Siegel Rd Murfreesboro, TN 37129 SPECTATORS: $8 for adults / $5 for students (5 and under get in free) FORMAT: Round Robin Pools based on actual weight. REGISTRATION: Submit rosters by 11:59 am CST on Friday January 17 (Via Trackwrestling). Email [email protected] if you do not revive a registration link. PARTICIPANTS: This tournament is for JV wrestlers only. You can enter multiple wrestlers per weight class. These are wrestlers who are not starters, or have less than a 33% winning record on varsity. This is meant for those wrestlers who are not anticipated to wrestle at regionals to get matches. All rosters must be submitted by the registration deadline. NO ONSITE REGISTRAION. OTHER: Concessions will be available for wrestlers / spectators Hospitality room will be provided for coaches T-shirts will be sold Coaches, each team will get 2 wrist bands for the hospitality room. If you need more, they are $10 each. For any questions, please feel free to contact Donovan Freeman at [email protected]
  6. The way I read it, they are just taking stalling out of the technical violation progression (could be a locking hands, stalling, grabbing head gear, etc) that would lead to a disqualification and they are creating a separate progression specifically for stalling. Said progression would be: 1st - Warning 2nd - 1 pt 3rd - 1 pt 4th - 2pts 5th - DQ Again this is just my interpretation from just briefly reading it. It would allow referees to actually call stalling and it not DQ an athlete as quickly as it may have in the past due to it originally being on the same progression as locking hands and other technical violations.
  7. Bump Spread the word. Thursday night is Fight Night! Come on out!
  8. January 18th is the Girl's Regional Duals which only a limited number of teams will even qualify for due to the lack of full size teams right now (Hopefully there will be more as the sport grows). The Individual region tournament happens on Jan 31 - Feb 1 (it is two days this season). The tournament on the 25th is MTWOA which always takes place before the girls individual region tournament. They have just added the duals this season. I hope this adds clarification to your question. On a side note, any girls team who does not qualify for the girls duals on January 18th (due to not having the required amount of wrestlers) is more than welcome to come to Siegel's girls tournament the same day.
  9. Siegel High School will host fight nights on Thursdays from 6 to about 7:15 pm starting this week. Address is 3300 Siegel Rd, Murfreesboro, TN 37129
  10. We will host fight nights / open mats on Thursdays from 6 to about 7:15 pm.
  11. Coach, Your email address is not working. Can you please email me at [email protected] Thank you!
  12. Siegel will be hosting open mat / fight nights on most Thursdays during the fall semester before HS season starts. Will post a schedule in the next couple weeks. We just wrapped up our summer session (I start back at work next week preparing for students the week following. Needed a short break to get some stuff together).
  13. Siegel High School will be hosting a fight night during the summer (minus dead period). These will be held in the cafeteria on Thursdays from 6-7:30ish (depending on numbers and interest). Feel free to come by. Please have bring your AAU card with you Address is 3300 Siegel Rd Murfreesboro, TN 37129 Thank you and can’t wait to see you all.
  14. Hello All. I am just wanted to put together a list of all the tournaments that have girls divisions. I know Coach Peck has an online form that people can add tournaments to ( https://sites.google.com/a/coachpeck.com/wrestling-tournaments/ ) but I just wanted to get a list going on here as well specifically for girls tournaments. I think it is important for us to continue to grow the girls side of the sport, and I feel like the more girls we can get together at these tournaments the better. Here is the list of tournaments (during the upcoming 2019 - 2020 season) that I have found so far. Please feel free to add to this list. Dec 7 - West Creek High School - Coyote Classic Dec 7 – Knox Catholic High School – Catholic Invitational Dec 14 - Tullahoma High School - Garner Dyer Boys & Girls Invitational Dec 21 - Wilson Central High School - Wildcat JV Tournament (has a girls division) Dec 27 - Mt. Juliet High School - JV / Girls Invitationals Dec 28 - Independence High School - Maher/Garstin Battle for Independence Jan 4 - Rossview High School - Rossview Girls Tournament ** Jan 4 - Stewarts Creek - Redhawk Rampage ** ** I believe they are trying to add a girls division this season ** Jan 18 - Siegel High School - Ramsey Rumble (Girls / JV) Jan 25 - MTWOA (has been moved to Wilson Central this year)
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