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  1. Say what you want but there were several major mistakes made by officials in our matches. For example, in the Centennial match at 106 we were supposed to have first choice at the end of period 1. We were not given choice. Centennial chose top and pinned us. Most likely we would have chosen neutral or top and not get pinned. Even if we lost that match by decision, then we still win. That's only one example. It happened. You can be mad and hate us but you know the truth.
  2. I am sure to be torpedoed for this comment but Science Hill is the 2nd best team in the state this year. Say what you want but referees decided both the Bradley & Centennial matches. SH didn't have a chance against Cleveland but with a fair shot, they should have beat Bradley. Unfortunately after the emotional let down our kids and coaches experienced after the hose job, it was hard to recover and get back in the right frame of mind against Centennial. No disrespect toward either Bradley or Centennially but they're not better. I am confident SH will bounce back at the traditional tournament and earn runner up by quite a distance over third.
  3. Chase Diehl is a major oversight. Chase wrestled Reninche to a two or three point match, if I remember correctly. Chase is attending SIUE in fall on scholarship. All due respect to the others but Chase should be top 4.
  4. I have started no fight! I was simply defending myself against DaBears smart comment about SH fans. All season long I have simply supported my team. I have not fought against anyone and tried to keep it positive but as others have pointed out DaBears trolls everyone who is not Region 4. Last year he as Bradley through and through, this year he bleeds blue and on occasion, as long as they were winning, was a Soddy guy. I'm here to support Science Hill and will continue to do so. I will defend my team to the end. We dropped a close one in the finals but we could have easily turned 3 matches and made a who different dual. We will show up ready at individual state and give Cleveland and everyone else a battle. I stand by my comments and we WILL finish ahead of several Region 4 teams. If you have a problem with anything I've said, come find the Science Hill crowd and we can talk about it.
  5. I'm not sure what your problem is and you can take all the digs you want but bottom line is your team was not in the State Finals this year. As others have mentioned, you tucked tail and ran away from Bradley as quick as you realized Cleveland was the team to beat this year. I have stuck by my guys and will until the end. And I GUARANTEE you my Toppers will finish ahead of your Bears in two weeks and we're not done. We are a much better tournament team than we are dual team. Watch out!
  6. No disrespect meant 93Viking. I'm a little excited, as you should be able to understand. This was definitely our year! Tennessee had theirs the past few--props for the State runner up finish but I hope we can top it tonight. We are the Toppers after all! After we close out the deal tonight, I hope that all the teams from East Tennessee can be competitive and battling each other in Franklin well into the future.
  7. This is certainly not Price's last group of middle school kids. He & Coach McKinney keep pumping them out and I see no reason The Hill won't continue their East Tennessee dominance for several years to come.
  8. Toppers to the finals! I've called this one since before the season started! One more spot to our first state wrestling championship! Lets go get 'em Toppers. #bandofbrothers
  9. I don't think the sarcasm is necessary.
  10. Say what you want but SH is in the conversation. Cleveland beat us today without 3 of our starters and we had some banged up kids. We might or might not get them at State Duals but I can guarantee you we will make them sweat. I can also guarantee you that we are a very good tournament team and Cleveland might be chasing us at the individual tournament.
  11. 1. Science Hill 2. Cleveland 3. Bradley 4. Wilson Central 5. Blackman 6. Soddy Daisy 7. Halls 8. Beech 9. Rossview 10. East Hamilton HM: Arlington, Tennessee, Brentwood I'm expecting to get hate mail for my pick but just as the Cleveland fans are 100% certain that their Blue Raiders are #1, I think The Hill will rise to the top at the traditional state tournament. 3 through 8 is a toss up and any of those teams could easily move up or down 5 spots. I was highly impressed with Rossview after seeing the results of the Beech Invitational. Same with East Hamilton at Bradley, they will have a tough road to fight out of their Region and some won't have the best seed going into state but I fully expect them to score lots of points in the wrestle backs. I also can't fail to count out Arlington who is always in the mix by February and our neighbor, Tennessee High, who can't fill a dual squad but will have the opportunity for several medalists and could slip into the top 10. I hear a lot of hype on Brentwood but I'm not sure yet.
  12. You are right, and we didn't so congrats to you all for winning. But I wouldn't clean out a spot in the trophy case just yet, this season is far from over.
  13. I agree with KingGreene, why would you think we are overrated when we finished exactly how we were ranked? Stop trolling. Our coaches are a humble staff and they would never say this but I believe the pools were set up purposely to avoid the Cleveland/SH match up. Before the redraw we were opposite and had to go through CBHS and they assumed we would lose. Then on the redraw we still were in an opposite pool. I know I will take a lot of heat from this but mark my words, Cleveland is beatable and I believe we are the team to do so. Yes we lost to CBHS who lost to Cleveland but that is simply due to match ups. I believe our kids match up to Cleveland much more evenly. It might come down to one match or bonus points but Science Hill is a legitimate title contender. I would have loved to see the Cleveland/Hill match but I'm glad were not the ones who will have the target on our back the remainder of the season. We will take the underdog role but I will go on record as being the ONLY one to call a Science Hill State Duals Championship. But I will agree with fooseball on one thing, Diehl is a beast for sure! He puts in more work that anyone and deserves his success. I expect 160 to clear out as others look for an opportunity at 52 or 70.
  14. The Hill had a strong showing at the very prestigious Southern Slam yesterday. Only 2.5 points away from the team win and 7 place winners. Congrats to Chase Diehl on a tournament championship in a very tough bracket! In other Region 1 news it appears DB has solidified their place in the number 2 spot (at least until they wrestle Jefferson Co.) with big wins over Tennessee and Morristown West. It appears the new coach in Kingsport has his bunch fired up and ready to roll.
  15. This is our year. Toppers should run away with the team title. It should be interesting who fills in behind us. I think Jeff Co and Morristown West can make it interesting. Tennessee is rebuilding this year so DB and maybe Davy Crockett make a run for second. If Region duals include 6 teams again I predict The Hill, DB, JeffCo, DC, TN, & MW.
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