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  1. Can someone decipher this for me please? I can't understand a word my cousin wrote in this post.
  2. Interesting question and I will try and answer. I think that is Rockvale School, a K-12 back then and I believe they were (and still are) The Rockets.... After Riverdale opened, original school was K-8 until the Rockvale Middle School opened. I believe the original Rockville will remain as a K-6 school. David Price played baseball as a middle school player at Rockvale.
  3. Prayers to the Miller family, RIP MAJ.
  4. StarRaider

    Champions 2019

    Riverdale and Blackman off to great starts in 7AAA.
  5. Good call on that! (I think you mean Lionel's son Langford).
  6. The JeffCo match was streamed on facebook.
  7. CONGRATS S-N-B! Let me know where I need to bring the lawn chairs.
  8. Glad I took the +113.5 spread, my cousin STARS may get another bizness truck. Great game!
  9. Hey Cousin SnB - Maybe they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.
  10. The Siegel and Stewarts Creek games will be streamed on wgnsradio dot com.
  11. Siegel wins R4AAA championship over Stewarts Creek.
  12. W flags flying in Rutherford County tonight... Region 4 AAA championship game will be Stewarts Creek (4-2 over Franklin County) hosting Siegel (7-1 win at Columbia Central).
  13. Indy did not make it out of 11AAA? I thought they were one of the state favorites.
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