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  1. Track has the result as Chittum over Dendy as a 7-2 decision.
  2. 1 Union 276.5 2 Cleveland 232 3 Bradley Central 210 4 Christian County 199 5 Father Ryan 178.5 6 Downers Grove South 165.5 7 Blackman 156.5 8 Montgomery Bell Academy 149.5 9 Brentwood High 128 10 Clarksville 120.5
  3. I believe Union County was without Matthias Ervin at 285 who would have at least made it to the finals.
  4. Chittum was the DII 120 state champ in 2018, guess that was his 7th grade year?
  5. Chittum scores a 5 point move in last 30 sec to win 10-8 over Harvard bound Beth Cath senior Kenny Herrman!
  6. Looks like Chittum caught a break as the 16 seed when the #1 seed went out with a hamstring injury, but wow still a 138 finalist as a freshman. MD vs. the #9 and #4.
  7. Shout out to the Gallatin and Summit teams and staff for getting this game to even happen. Win or lose, Gallatin is a special place for TN HS football. Congrats to both on a great season.
  8. Ha thanks runnin... I was getting tired of seeing Jerry in that stupid pirate shirt.
  9. I thought this was the MyTV30 game???
  10. Can someone decipher this for me please? I can't understand a word my cousin wrote in this post.
  11. Interesting question and I will try and answer. I think that is Rockvale School, a K-12 back then and I believe they were (and still are) The Rockets.... After Riverdale opened, original school was K-8 until the Rockvale Middle School opened. I believe the original Rockville will remain as a K-6 school. David Price played baseball as a middle school player at Rockvale.
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