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  1. Always enjoy a Buchanan and Birchfield coaching matchup
  2. Defensive clinic put on the last 11 mins of the game by NG….Held Ramsey to 13 points. Anderson looked much more comfortable tonight.
  3. The Cosby and Hampton score did seem much closer than expected. Hampton pulled away late but seemed like Cosby played them real tough for 3 quarters.
  4. Are all these teams from the same district ?
  5. NG v Jellico Hancock v Hampton NG v Hampton rematch in the finals . Both teams win sectional games
  6. Have just seen where the regional has been moved to Daniel Boone…good call deputydog
  7. Oh okay…I wasn’t sure if they could be at different places or not
  8. Its district 2 turn to host technically so if one of their teams win, like possibly Jellico or Hancock then it’ll be at Walters state.
  9. Same, I’d like to see it rotated at King or Milligan and Walters State maybe Tusculum. Either place will have its advantages and disadvantages but I’m sure the kids would enjoy it.
  10. Every game I have watched of Hampton she has been very impressive. They beat Cosby by 17 tonight at Cosby
  11. What grade is the McLain girl from Hampton in?
  12. I think if he was 6’4” he’d be a high level power 5 recruit…I know size doesn’t mean everything but I do believe if he was taller he’d be highly sought after. He’s so smooth and such a complete player.
  13. False, he is a big time supporter of Chuckey Doak. When he gets word that there will be host families and exchange students, he calls around and sees which school has host families. NG always ends up being the school that has people willing to host them. If people want to complain about it then they need to be willing to host one. Nobody was saying anything a few years ago when NG had some and they weren’t very good.
  14. Agreed. Matchup nightmare since she’s developed a post game and can take you off the dribble and hit the 3.
  15. They did that with Anderson out most of game due to foul trouble. Them and Cloudland will be tough outs as the postseason continues.
  16. I think all 4 region one teams win their first round games…who are the likely substate matchups from the other regions?
  17. I don’t think anyone comes close to beating Hampton or NG. The other district is way down this year but everyone knows going to Jellico or Hancock in the region can be a test. I see both Hampton and NG making it to the state tourney…I believe it’s at Walters state this year
  18. Should be a good game. I haven’t gotten to see Grandview in person but seems like they have a shot.
  19. According to unapproved website schedule, it will be February 11th.
  20. I don’t think NG has played up there yet. I know they have Hampton at Home, UH away and I’m almost positive Unaka Away
  21. Call the Greeneville parks and Rec…they are having sign ups right now I believe.
  22. NG took care of Unaka pretty easily. It was close early on but they pulled away in 2nd half. This game on a neutral floor could go either way honestly. Anderson had 20 so she is getting back in the groove.
  23. When NG played them at home in regular season, they were missing the smaller guard. Without her, they did not seem very good at all. I think you all will win and possibly by 10+. Your all's pressure will get to them.
  24. Good luck we’re pulling for you all...let me know how it goes
  25. Good info thanks!...whoever wins will have a huge test the next game. Newport grammar has a guard that could play for a lot of high schools. One of the better middle schoolers I’ve seen.
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