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  1. Yes Batman she is a super nice woman, her son and I were best friends growing up and she raised me like a 2nd mom.
  2. Batman I know Eastman is a huge company with so many employees but do you know Jackie Avery she been there around 40yrs, she like a 2nd mom to me and Todd Daggs he been there around 20yrs he's probably the best rb to come out of Tennessee high, he was early 80's
  3. I feel you on that Db losing last night did take some excitement away from this game, but still had Db won last night nobody was still going to bet against Alcoa
  4. I listen to the Oakland vs riverdale game some of it not all of it an that game linger around 9-7 an the long td pass before halftime really broke that game open, I was thinking Oakland is sleepwalking or Riverdale came to play. Riverdale isn't the best team in the state but they have the best defensive line in the state, they're legit they're as good as it gets. As for murvil going into Oakland and coming out happy can't see it happening. Murvil has won at Oakland in the past but murvil has yet to show everyone since 2016 that they can go into Oakland and win, they had plenty of opportunities since then and they have brought better teams down there than what they will bring this year
  5. Db tough loss it's not the end of the world, put a bandaid on your wounds, go to Kristy Kreme and wait for the hot n ready sign to light up, trust me you'll be in a better mood. Put this loss behind you because the team coming Thursday is looking for a running clock and if your not prepared that's what it's going to be, no matter the outcome Roll Tribe Roll
  6. RR it's more than a storm coming the weather man said whatever precipitation that's coming it's best just to stay in the house
  7. I call it last Saturday after rewatching Cleveland vs mcminn, mcminn just have too many players going both ways. My hats off to mcminn they were gassed and suck it up and played their hearts out, fatigue is just undefeated. I would have went for the shootout approach put the backups in on defense and keep the offense fresh and hope for a 38-35 win. As for murvil great win, I know you guys do 1 game at a time but can we just skip the playoffs and do Murvil vs Oakland best 2 out of 3 and can we please move this game to cookeville so we can get a true championship game, the loser of this game will still beat ravenwood or Brentwood.
  8. Watching the stream game of Cleveland vs Mcminn the Cleveland announcer and listening to several murvil games on gap radio that kid sounds the exact same as the Cleveland announcer, I'm convinced it's the same kid, if they are different both do a great job and they know what they're talking about
  9. True but if Mcminn does the impossible this Friday nobody will be laughing anymore
  10. Warren county last 2 games are tuff
  11. How is this game not WCYB game of the week, I seen them advertising Chuckey Doak vs Unicoi County, seriously who is picking these games
  12. Are they already selling tickets for the Db vs Alcoa game, lord willing I'm not missing that game for anything, I just want to go ahead an get tickets
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