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  1. numerous charitable activities and recently raised money for a student at a rival school who has cycstic fibroisis. She is a true servant of Jesus Christ and is always willing to help anybody who needs it.
  2. be considered one of best girls team out of TN. All but 1 or 2 will continue their soccer in college next year. Congratulations ladies.
  3. Safe travels to all the fans, families, organizers and of course players.
  4. . I would think that by default the A-AA teams of middle tn. like FRA, MLK, HF, CPA, Station Camp should get the benefit of the doubt over the west tenn. teams.
  5. a disagreement b/ auto clicker word unscrambler jumble solver t the board and the DOC, but are they going to be able to continue as a club?
  6. We also will be adding a 16u team for the 2020 season. The focus of this team will be the same as the younger Select team filezilla uc browser rufuss, with the added focus on showcase tournaments. This will be an open tryout that will include players from both 15u Select teams. We will be looking for hard nosed, selfless players that are committed to a great attitude and hustle (not just the best players on the field).
  7. event at the MET in Hoover AL. Our focus is to expose our players to coaches in a 3 hour radius not as fa xender discord omegler away as some organizations. Not being a “program” allows us to minimize cost and focus on building the players brand not the brand of a program. Feel free to reach out with any questions. You can look us up on Instagram (@mtmayhembaseball) or twitter
  8. I think it is time to quit put Vick in the same category as Favre, Manning, Brady, McNabb, Green, Palmer, Pennington, etc
  9. form a team from Coffee County? This is an idea I've been tossing around for a while and would like to get the ball rolling.
  10. . Looking forward to meeting all of you out on the water!
  11. Before the District realignment last year, they had gone to the state tourney. Has anyone seen them this year?
  12. thought Shim and his my ip birthday wishes tneb Lady Irish would win...not sure Booger saw 5-1.....Maybe Shim has his Lady Irish back on track for another Gold Ball run.....one of the best championship runnin coaches in the state...just hasnt been able to close it out in too many Gold Ball contest
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