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  1. Alcoa has had one for years, they can just come out of the shadows now.. Same with Maryville...
  2. This should be easy, list out the programs he has helped with money, somebody do a public records request at those schools for a list of boosters and those amounts for the past 10 years. It should all be public record by TSSAA rules. Then this will shut this up. lol
  3. Its about all sports, Signal Mt has used 8th graders to win state championships in wrestling for years. Most teams have to forfeit 106 weight class, but they do not because they use 8th graders. Science Hill used to have 8th graders in their building from my understanding, one of the largest school in the state. More schools use 8th graders than you think.
  4. What about high schools that have 8th grade? This has been allowed, it is just fixing a current problem.
  5. Ok, I couldn't remember if they was the same classification. I kinda deleted all South history after they closed.
  6. South could have won also if it wasn't for covid, if I am remembering correctly.
  7. 3 years ago, 3 transferred out that would be SR this year. One transferred during summer ball to Knoxville, online work makes that possible for parents now. I wasn't talking about just last year, its a compounding problem of having a lot of Sr playing, the younger kids move on now days. You see it in college now, the time of waiting your turn is over. I haven't gave up on this team, they still have some learning to do. I think they will be ready for the post season.
  8. They are super young, they will mature as the year goes. Free throws get better as you get older normally.
  9. Because they was buried on the depth chart as a sophomore and transferred to other schools, that year they had like 6 or 7 seniors, and 4 jr on the varsity team. Last year the sophomores and freshman was better than the jr on the team, so they transferred. That is how it goes. One of them was a football star and is focusing on that at their new school this year, which would be a Sr.
  10. The Kingsport rumors maybe true. The rumor is Joey picked up retirement papers and attended a retirement meeting.
  11. Yeah, I know. I was slightly joking at first with a friend that is a MTSU booster and apparently some of the boosters like him a lot from his NFL days. Could be interesting from what is swirling.
  12. It's going to be Jeff Fisher... He is interested. I would be shocked if its anybody else.
  13. You are crazy, they was 3rd last year with the core of the team returning without the transfers. They could have beat BC last year also. Why constantly underestimate a team that has performed well? Did I say they would win? No, I said they would have a real shot, which is true.
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