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  1. If you want to see it live you will be able to watch the game on NFHS Network. I think it costs around $10 for one month access. (You just have to make sure it does not auto renew). The Goodpasture commentators who cover the game are excellent and very complimentary of great plays regardless of the team
  2. OnlineLC

    CPA at Camden Round 1

    CPA 44 Camden 17 5:16 left
  3. OnlineLC

    CPA at Camden Round 1

    Yes they played back in the 2nd Round of the playoffs somewhere around 5-7 years ago at Camden. CPA won that game. You are right about the atmosphere, it is a great place for HS Football.
  4. OnlineLC

    Gary Bertier

    Though I am glad to see the old system go, there was something special about staying up late the last Friday night of the regular season awaiting Gerry to finish his quadrants.
  5. OnlineLC

    Classless Scott Tidwell move

    No dog in the hunt but just watched it on NFHS network. I agree totally there was no need for anything else but to take a knee on 4th down. Also watched the ensuing kickoff, it was most definitely an onside kick. The Goodpasture folks covering the broadcast were also puzzled by the call.
  6. OnlineLC

    3A playoff pick em

    Yes, they are a public school and part of the Memphis School District
  7. OnlineLC

    Lack of Consistency from TSSAA

    I agree entirely. In theory all the confusion will be gone from next year for playoffs, but as you acurately point out, what process will go into setting up districts. I think they are to be released mid November so we shall see then.
  8. OnlineLC

    Lack of Consistency from TSSAA

    If you pinpoint the exact locations they are really close with regard to longitude with Marshall County being slightly west. Looks like they got it correct this year, nevertheless they should be consistent.
  9. OnlineLC

    Week 9: Maplewood at Alcoa

    4 wins 5 losses
  10. Hope nobody minds but I locked the week 7 playoff predictions. Gerry does a great job with this and I don't see a need to have week 7 and week 8 threads both running at the same time.
  11. OnlineLC

    Giles @ CPA_____Bring It

    CPA 48 Giles 12 Final
  12. OnlineLC

    Giles @ CPA_____Bring It

    Not yet giles just scored on 2nd and 3rd string defense. Just over 7 to go but clock is continually running
  13. OnlineLC

    Giles @ CPA_____Bring It

    CPA 48. Giles County 0
  14. OnlineLC

    New CPA Soccer Coach

    Coach G, you already know me to be a reliable source, take it from me that both robjim and bighurt ain't right. They both have accents that sound nothing like mine. Fortunately we do a good job of keeping them out of public view by giving them jobs in the press box during football games.
  15. OnlineLC

    State Tournament Field Conditions

    Have to agree, the field conditions are extremely bad. Walked across field #2 at the end of the game and it was basically baked, uneven dirt. We have the best of the teams represented and they deserve better. I am also not a fan of the Siegel Soccer Complex as there is very little seating and it is all low down. There are many great HS venues in the middle TN area that could have been used which would have been better for fans and players alike.