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Top players for 2007


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QUOTE(Thasmykeez @ Feb 16 2007 - 09:29 PM) 826375283[/snapback]

What players will dominate this year? I'll get the topic started with Gideon "Gidicrunk" Alsup. He is 6'4'', 220 lbs of pure muscle. He won't win all the matches, but he sure will kick your arse if u start something with him.




He'd be good on the football field why is he playing tennis?


Kyle Wishing from Siegel will be very good...Ian Chadwell of Centennial is the returning AAA champ

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Bo seals and William Lang will be dominating in Division 2


Kyle Wishing and Ian Chadwell will be playing excellent in AAA


USJ has Colton Norton, Frank Crocker, Hunt Magee, and Ben Gaines all returning from last year. Look for a singles title with colton norton, a double title with Crocker and Magee, and a team title overall



I highly expect that Kyle Wishing a crew will take home another championship this year also!

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