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A/AA Cross Country


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Mahaney is by no means unbeatable in a/aa, and on a course like Steeplechase, any given day can produce some weird times. I still think Mahaney is the favorite, but 16:31 on steeplechase is a great time by Mark Cole. Thats the fastest time by an a/aa runner on steeple chase besides mahaney in a long time.

It can produce weird times, yes, but Mahaney is definitely the strongest runner in A/AA.


BUT, if you're going to start talking Mark Cole, don't leave Coniglio out of the equation. Just because he hasn't raced in Nashville doesn't mean he isn't raping the living daylights out of the Chattanooga area boys. I think you'll see a blazing time or two out of him in the next few weeks as he starts to tune up for the end of the season.

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If they send it to Milesplit, it will be posted. Someone read the Nashville paper and post results for us please?



MLK 54, DL 79, Father Ryan 81, MBA 83, Ensworth 85, FRA 135, CPA 230


1 - Micah Wasserman (16:50) MLK

2 - Jeff Musick (or Music as the paper says) DL

3 - Garrett Carmichael - Ensworth

4 - John Gilpin - MLK

5 - Nick Anneken - Father Ryan

6 - Ryan Graves - MLK

7 - John Adam McCaslin - FRA

8 - Jack Kaiser - FRA

9 - Andrew Edgeworth - DL

10 - Anthony Simpson - Father Ryan


PS - Mahaney ran 16:26 and Snyder ran 16:57


1 wasserman mlk

2 musick lipscomb

3 carmichael ensworth

4 gilpin mlk

5 anniken father ryan

6 graves mlk

7 JAM fra

8 kiser fra

9 edgeworth lipscomb

10 simpson father ryan




father ryan







hume fogg



did jeff musick take the day off?



Really man come on...

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Mark Cole and Konnor Kesler both ran swift times yesterday at the Trinity Christian Academy Invit. in Jackson. .





Anybody know anything about that course?



Station Camp beat MC yesterday by 12


They looked really tough /dry.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="

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Mark Cole and Konnor Kesler both ran swift times yesterday at the Trinity Christian Academy Invit. in Jackson. .





Anybody know anything about that course?



Yea the coarse sounds fast. But if not then it does look like there might be possibal comp for mahaney at state. Still doubt it, and even if there is i'de put my money on mahaney like ive said before in track, that boy just hates to loose /rolleyes.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":rolleyes:" border="0" alt="rolleyes.gif" /> /popcorneater.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":popcorneater:" border="0" alt="popcorneater.gif" />

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Anybody know anything about that course?


I think we found our first 3 mile course. Cole's run all kinds of stuff around there so I bet he wasn't in overdrive. He also usually beats Kessler by 45-50 so I think he was in cruise control (by the way, how do you get into cruise control? I can't do it unless i'm leading by like a minute..)


Looking at some of the other runners and times it looks to be short. For example one guy from the Camp went 45 seconds faster than at the Classic or Bridges or one of those races with initials. In comparison, footlocker south runs roughly 25-35 seconds faster, and we all know what kind of a race that is.


(unless you're me. then its 31 seconds SLOWER... that and you go rock your same FLS time in the 2nd half of a 10k the next week. gosh i stink)

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