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Olympic Wrestling Talking Points - Important Read!

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I just got off a very informative USAW State Chairman Conference call. The various leadership organizations from around the world are working very hard to get wrestling back in the 2020 Olympics. They suggest when discussing this issue, that we do not attack the IOC or the other sports. It makes sense, it's not the IOC, modern pentathlon, or any of the other sport's fault that wrestling is in this situation. This is a time to be positive about our sport and persuade the IOC that we deserve to be in the Games. These talking points are suggested by USA Wrestling when discussing the issue at hand:




1) FILA, the international wrestling federation, the U.S. Olympic Committee and USA Wrestling did not expect this announcement. None of these leadership groups anticipated that wrestling was being considered for this.


2) This is a decision by the International Olympic Committee Executive Board. The recommendation is that wrestling not be included as a core sport at the 2020 Olympic Committee. This is not a final decision.


3) The next step is for the IOC Executive Board to recommend a sport for the final spot in the 2020 Olympics. Wrestling will be considered for the position along with seven other sports, which happens in May in St. Petersburg, Russia. Then, the next step is for the entire International Olympic Committee to vote on the final program for the 2020 Olympics, which occurs in September in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


4) This is an opportunity for wrestling to tell its story, not only to the International Olympic Committee leadership but also to the entire world.


5) Wrestling is one of the original sports in the ancient Olympic Games in Greece. Wrestling was also included in the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.


6) Wrestling is one of the most diverse sports in the world, with nearly 200 nations from all continents participating in the sport.


7) Wrestling is an inclusive sport which provides opportunities worldwide, regardless of geography, race, gender or physical characteristics. Anybody can wrestle.


8) Among Olympic sports, wrestling has more variety of nations which win Olympic medals than almost every other sport. Wrestling is popular all around the world, and many nations have successful athletes and programs in the sport.


9) This is a challenge for the entire wrestling community on the world level. USA Wrestling, as the national governing body in the United States, is putting its full energy and resources behind this. We will work with our wrestling brothers and sisters everywhere on earth to maintain our sport on the Olympic program.


10) Wrestlers are known for their work ethic. As a community, we will work tirelessly from this point forward letting the world know about why wrestling is so special. We believe that we have the ability to be successful


11) Be honest. Explain why wrestling is so important to you, and also important to the world. Do not be negative or critical of the IOC. It is our job to make them our supporters and allies moving forward.


12) USA Wrestling’s Executive Committee, Board of Directors, staff and leaders are already involved working on this issue. We will continue to update the wrestling community about what is going on.


13) What can you do right now? Stay informed. Join “Keep Wrestling In the Olympics†Facebook page, which is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Keep-Wrestling-in-the-Olympics/165311480283702. Updates will be posted regularly.


Sorry about the gigantic post, I just care a great deal about this sport. We have a battle ahead, we need to keep fighting. Sign every petition you see, like the Facebook page, stay tuned to www.themat.com for updated info and most importantly spread the word and belief of wrestling! Everyone needs to do their part and rally together.

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I think its great we keep reminding them that its the worlds oldest sport and so on but we also need to make them understand wrestling and explain the level of athleticism and devotion it takes. While we dont need to bash other sports we do need to find a way to point out the differences and how asinine it would b to include some of these sports over the ultimate sport and ultimate athletes in the world. They already new all of the facts of our hisitory and didnt seem to care when they voted us out. I just dont feel taking a politically correct stance is going to get us anywhere but we will see.

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