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Everything posted by rigger101

  1. rigger101


    Great Job Commando's! They have peaked at the right time. I really did not see a State Finalist team early in the season. The Maryville program will be a giant test. Good Luck
  2. rigger101

    Oak Ridge @ Farragut

    Roll Ads Roll
  3. rigger101

    Beech-Henry County

    Yeah at this level I think Beech is missing JH more on the defensive side!
  4. rigger101

    Olympic Wrestling Talking Points - Important Read!

    Well I guess track should be next. That makes about as much sense as dropping wrestling.
  5. rigger101

    Team Scores?

    Congrats to Beach and at a boy for their coach building a top program!
  6. rigger101

    Region 7

    FAN in a can! LOL
  7. Rich City Kids vs the Country Boys?
  8. rigger101

    Commandos vs Bucks

    14-14 at the half
  9. rigger101

    Headed for Hooterville!

    Hang in there Pounder!
  10. rigger101

    State Tournament Officiating

  11. rigger101

    Aint a bad way to finish

    Congrats Boone Family! It's fun to sneek a peak every now an then!
  12. rigger101

    Sequatchie Co. vs. Signal Mnt. (Oct.28)

    I've been trying to find out why Signal didn't go to the playoffs? I'm sure it is in this thread but have mot found it yet. Thanks I googled it. Sad for your Senior players. Good Luck in the future.
  13. rigger101

    Beech vs Hendersonville

    Can anyone post a picture of Hendersonville's New Helmets? I been told by my son they looked great tonight.
  14. rigger101

    Dobyns-Bennett Football

    Raised in Middle TN. I've been blessed to watch some great football from West to East TN. We lived in Kingsport for 2 years and became a fan of your great program in that short period. IMHO-you have the greatest football atmosphere in the STATE. Good Luck and Go Tribe!
  15. rigger101

    Maryville vs. Riverdale

    You will like the Maryville Field! Has that old time football fill to it. The way Friday Night Football should be. The top spots I have watched football 1. Kingsport DB, 2. Maryville 3. Oak Ridge. Enjoy the beauty of east TN!
  16. rigger101

    Beech vs Hendersonville

    Congrats Commandos!
  17. rigger101


    Hard to stay on top forever. Everyone has rebuilding years. No one can say Alcoa does not play the best every year. Good Luck in the play offs!
  18. rigger101


    Fun game to watch. Riverdale had a stronger offense. Wow what a full back. Game seamed close until end of 3rd period that Riverdale exploded for a 3 td lead. Great way to fight back by the Commandos. Showed a lot of heart against a bigeer and better team.
  19. rigger101

    Farragut @ Oak Ridge

    Good call ORK!
  20. rigger101

    D1 vs D2

    You can't go on prior matches all the time. We have all seen big defeats at State (D-1 and prior to the split) over the years. It's about peaking at the right time. Being healthy etc. When State was all under one tourney (private vs public) traditional tourney champs was close. Take out McCallie years they dominated it's about even. 1994-97 was won by now D-1 programs. Prior to the split back to back was Overton. With the strenth of Bradley, SD, Clev, Frank, Clks over the last 10 years it would have been fun to seen who finished 1st. The split was a mistake IMHO!
  21. rigger101


    Congrats! Shows hard work pays off!
  22. rigger101

    Region 7 Brackets

    Start time for finals?
  23. rigger101

    Region 7 Duals Results?

    Trying to keep up from the house. What are the results so far?