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Dumb and Dumber...An Ensworth Perspective

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Living with eight children will subject one to all kinds of distorted logic and reason, just ask Bill Cosby.  But kids outgrow it…it may take some time but they do get smarter, except in Hermitage this week.


In the Ensworth /Brentwood semifinal football game this past Friday, the ref crew mistook the game for a Justin Beiber concern and decided to do an encore.  Everybody knows that after a game, a normal crew splits and fast, that is unless they just like the attention.   But this crew decided to just hang around with Thing One going after coach Bowers after the game.   I don’t know what was said and it doesn’t really matter…the refs are supposed to be GONE….because the game is OVER…you know double zero on the scoreboard. 


But the insanity doesn’t stop there….the refs ejected Bowers after the game and today the TSSAA upheld the ejection because its bylaws don’t allow it to overturn judgment calls.  Then the Association suspended the official for poor judgment saying “there’s no place for it in any situationâ€.  And I’m confused…where are my kids when you need them.   What kinda of Executive Management doesn’t know that Policy is a guide not the Bible.  Man do I feel sorry for coaches, ADs, players.


For no good reason, on December 5 Ensworth will play in a state championship without its head coach and eight months of his preparation will be tarnished because an officiating crew did not leave the field like it was supposed to.  And one official east of Memphis will give this about as much thought as it takes to down a can of Pringles.  And our friends at the TSSAA will be handing out trophies with the absolute certainty that they are always rights…. cause its in the By Laws.

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I was not there and from reading various articles, you are correct the clock read 00:00.  However, there was a penalty at the conclusion, therefore, the 00:00 is not important.  The penalty was sorted out which extend the "game" and the officials control of the field.  From having officiated high school football (and basketball), with the penalty, no one leaves the field until the penalty is resolved.


There is no rule that says the officials must leave as soon as the clock shows 00:00.  You do it just to get out of the way of the teams and fans on the field (court).


Strictly for curiosity sake, was Coach and the official moving towards each other?  Was Coach following him and official stopped and turned around and came back towards Coach?  Was official standing still and Coach came up to him and official made contact with Coach?

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See the links below. 


It appears that the referee called (00 on the clock) the game and then a linesman threw a flag. Then it appears that the referee approached the coach with the coach appearing somewhat indifferent which drew a Billie Martin style ejection that he seemed to really enjoy.


I don't have an issue as much with the official's juvenile approach here as I do with an Association that seems to have forgotten what purpose it serves. And I'm tired of hearing crap like our by laws this and that that basically serves to protect the Association at the expense of the members schools let alone its student athletes that organized it in the first place.  No where is this more evident in comparing the financial condition of one versus the other.







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I've said this before on other pages... The Ref this year are out of control! 

They want to sit there and play judge, jury and executioner over 14-18 young men and their coaches. I've witness and heard a ref say he wouldn't make a call because one of the coach's kept pointing it out. Really? Because that coach is "helping" you do your job you aren't going to call something? Thats sad


I guarantee that if you have an anonymous poll for all of the ref's this year that, about 30% say they make calls based not on field play or rules but emotions, i.e not liking a coach, school or player, fan interaction, coach calling for c

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