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Dresden Verses Obion County


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On 9/18/2023 at 7:58 AM, hogheaven said:

Hope you are right.  But this is best offense Obion has had in three years and the lions defense has had no answer the last two.  So 14 definately from inhaling the hog pen fumes.  Im pulling for the hodgester, but unless Coach crazy makes a surprise plan this week, not sure about this game.  I'll bet hevy's house on it tho....  

i was thinking of you & yours listening to OC vs HC. I was torn in that game, my sons' nickname & past history with the one team, and your connection to other team.. dude.. WHAT A GAME! That must of been something to be there watching it. I was hooting & hollering for OC tbh, pulling for them over HC for many reasons. But that's football.. last play heroics is part of this game's appeal! >IF< Lions pull this out after Rebels' big showing against Tomcats.. this would be BIG! A statement win sending a messages to everyone.. I'll have the popcorn & minchies ready man, & stream it onto son's bigscreen TV on that NFHS thingy. We can holler & yell with horns & cowbells too out here in country. Shoot off fireworks, even celebrate with our real guns if want to. .. I do have my hopes up Lions pull this off, it'd be a big boost to do so. OC is rolling this year & do not want to be embarrassed by some lil ol school like Dresden. Extend their win streak over us & have a bounceback-to-winning game for them after that tough loss (again.. what a game! Wow!)... motivation for sure. Maybe it'll be another last-play heroics win for Lions again.. that'd be awesome! Or an unforeseen, unexpected blowout, running clock win for Dresden would be the best scenario. Hey.. let me dream & fantasize in lala-land, these home-grown popcorn & other plants I grow out here have lots of uses & side-effects, it aint just for football games! GOOO LOINS!

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27 minutes ago, HevyReturns said:

Lions & Rebels are on radio, the OC crew (Tinkle is doing Gleason & SF.. playoff game implications there).,https://radio.securenetsystems.net/cwa/index.cfm?stationCallSign=KYTN

Wont say much as this Dresden post but SF was beating Gleason 7 to 0 despite having 7 players out.SF was moving ball again in 9 yard line and threw an interception that Gleason player ran back for 100 yards

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4 minutes ago, mrbigster said:

Wont say much as this Dresden post but SF was beating Gleason 7 to 0 despite having 7 players out.SF was moving ball again in 9 yard line and threw an interception that Gleason player ran back for 100 yards

Wow! A much more exciting game there! .. Ours is a defensive battle so far between two big scoring teams. Lions just stopped them again on 4th. Our ball. Long pass.. interference, on 25, we moving. 

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