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Who will win the NBA championship

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I speak nothing but the truth, sir. The NBA is a joke. Players are always in trouble for one thing or another. Of course, they are talented and I will admit, when the game comes down to the wire, the NBA games are really fun to watch. Just to see those players do what they do best is amazing to watch, but the rest of the game its just a bunch of lazy mess. Another factor is, how do teams that are coming off a 1-5 game stretch, thump, not only beat, but thump the previous world champs? Answer that for me. Just an off night? And what about Minnesota, they are awful, but they beat T-Mac and the Rockets by some obsurd number the other night. I'm not saying there is a "fix" in the NBA, but its getting a little fishy as of here lately. I mean the dog almost always covers the line and when it comes down to the line, the favorite will hit that extra 3 pointer just to cover the line. It may just my opinion and the opinion and the opinion of many others, but I personally do not like the NBA until it comes down the championship series. Why? Because they play their @$$'s off, like they should every game. Well now I know your thinking, I'm a bandwagon fan because when it comes playoff's I just jump on a team and say they are my fave. Actually, NO. I keep up with the NBA throughout the season and I do not have a favorite team. But sometimes I do find myself wanting one of the two teams in the championship to win over the other one. But bottomline is, I don't like the NBA except for the last 7 or less games.





I believe you answered your own question. It was the finals and the Pistons pumped up their level of play while the Lakers stood by while Bryant-O'Neal-Jackson love triangle imploded on national television. LA was the better team on paper but not on the court. Thus, the Pistons win 4 games to 1.


all that, without playing defense :lol:

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Guest The_Siegel_Senior_ptII

...There are some people that play D and there is one team that plays D...but that doesnt sum up the league...the league has a whole suffers from a lack of effort from its players on the Defensive end...anytime a team can avg 110 pts per game...there is no Defense...they also allow 103...but wow all that defense there is in the NBA makes me jealous...

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lol dont play defense.....thats just stupid. first, if a guy couldnt play D he would be overseas somewhere instead of the NBA. you say players dont play D because they are just out for theirselves but take Ron Artest for example...one of the most selfish players in the game but theres not many that can play defense like him. like gb said what about the Pistons? they are the defending champs and its not because they are loaded with guys that can score at will. there are a few teams that focus their game on offense such as the Mav's...they are good all year but cant win in the playoffs. to win a title you gotta be able to play atleast decent defense no matter how good your offense is.



I agree with you 100%!!

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No defense? What do you call the type of game the Detroit Pistons played. Having a great defense is what led them to the NBA championship last year. The talent level in the NBA is on the rise which means there are more great players to go around which means teams have a better shot at winning. What I think the NBA is missing is quality coaches that teach the fundamentals of basketballs. We need more coaches like Larry Brown in the NBA. But if you hate the NBA so much, just DONT WATCH IT.


Why do you need coaches to teach fundamentals? Obviously those players have PLENTY or they wouldn't be PRO basketball players. And believe I don't watch it, I just thought maybe seeing it in person would be better.

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