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  1. If you are from Kingsport...specifically Sullivan South I assure you that if you mention a Knoxville team....Knox West is the first that comes to mind.....CLASSY Group of Kids and parents.....GO REBELS!
  2. Just curious if anyone has any news from the first few days of Spring practice? Any surprises???
  3. There is no contest on this one. Sullivan South....The Rebel Nation....When the football team played in the state semifinal we took 4 charter buses the day of the game. Several car loads left the day before (on THANKSGIVING) The Rebels have tremendous pride in their teams..... During basketball the student section chooses a theme each night and dresses the part.....they are LOUD and PROUD.....
  4. Without a doubt....THE REBEL NATION from Sullivan South....they are there for good and bad....football and basketball they are there. This school has been through so much adversity this year...they have be come a family.....so. lets hear a cheer for the blue and the silver gray and give a big rebel yell to let them know....that were from Sullivan South High school and proud to say so.....GO REBELS
  5. Powertalk870.com Tom Taylor voice of the Sullivan South Rebels (football, basketball and baseball)
  6. Even though there are several that do not see alot of playing time..lets not take away their importance. Without those boys to play on the Scout team in practice, our starters would not be as good. They take a beating without ANY recognition...I for one respoct them... Football at South takes a tremendous amount of dedication and time and I applaud anyone that can stick it out...Hang in there boys....you are appreciated...work hard get stronger and faster....and GO REBELS!!
  7. Tothe whole REBEL Nation....What a class act!!!! I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful community. What a group of young men, you have taught most of us adults a lot of lessons this season. You have brought together a community, the team has become family to each other. It certainly didn't happen the way we all thought it would, but God had a plan for this group. My hope and prayer is that we will all remember this special time, that we will cherish each day with family and friends and always remeber our friend, teammate and brother.... 54
  8. BUSES LEAVE AT 10:000 Be there and lets get ready to cheer on our REBELS!! Bring your signs, bring your noisemakers lets make sure Columbia knows the Rebels are in town... Dress warmmmmm
  9. The sendoff today was great!! People lined up on Fort Henry Drive cheering on the Rebels!!1 So proud of all of these boys, you have made us all very proud!!!!l You have handled yourself in such wonderful fashion under such adverse circumstances. A bigwin tomorrow night and you are headed for your goal. Win for yourselves, win for your community, win for all the friends and family that support you and win to honor Jake.... One note....a few pages back someone referenced the SS MOMS....My advice would be don't mess with the South MOMS.... See you in Columbia!!! I will be wearing REBEL BLUE!!
  10. If you didn't read the Kingsport Times News you didn't miss anything.....Seems that 2 local teams getting this far into the playoffs is not a big deal to them. Two communities with lots of school spirit, two teams that have coaching history, two teams that played earlier in the year and went to overtime. But no big deal???????
  11. I encourage SH to be thinking about the DB game.......Good for the REBS this FRIDAY!
  12. OK so...I am not getting the response I wanted.... Here is a new question...... As a Rebel should I be cheering for DB or TN High this week? Looks like it is best for South if DB wins then we have a 4 way tie??? South, DB, Boone, and TN High is that correct? or is it best that TN High wins and puts DB at 2 conference defeats. With hopes that South wins out the rest of the season. What about Boone and Science Hill?? I need some of you football minds to get me up to speed........
  13. IT IS TIME!!!!! Time to get on here and talk some smack....Where are all those loyal South fans????? These boys need some encouragement.....Don't be hanging your heads...Lets hear some of that REBEL pride....We are going to Church Hill and kick some Falcon tail....(OK I admit I am not much of a smack talker) so I need some help..... Where are you REBS????
  14. Thank you, thought I had missed something.....
  15. Question for Hardin Valley..... I have never heard of Hardin Valley before and was wondering if I am just behind or if you are a new school. Must have a pretty good team because your name has up a few times. Where is Hardin Valley??
  16. Looking for the REBS to bounce back this week and finish out the season with wins..This is a tough bunch of young men that have had a VERY VERY tough season. Loosing a team mate, and lots of injuries. So my plea to them is to hold your head high, come out and play the game that you love. Play it for yourselves, your family, your fans and your beloved Jake.... We have alot of football left to play, lets make it our goal to go DEEP into the playoffs... GO REBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. After a tough week, it is time for the REBS to bounce back and win out the rest of the season.....
  18. Just reading the Kingsport Times this morning concerning the ACLU sending a letter to GC because of the pregame activities..... From this Rebelfan I would like to say to GC...great job on the pregame, it was classy..taking time to honor the 9/11 victims and to honor our beloved Jake. We appreciated it. So sorry that others felt compeled to complain.... Good Luck GC for the rest of the season....
  19. Good Luck WEST from the Sullivan South Rebel Nation!! We are cheering for you up here. Hope to be at your game next week (our off week) Best wishes!!
  20. Visitor seating at DB is horrible! Get there early and try to get on the top row. If not don't expect to get to see anything.
  21. Fenyves = attitude... if Coach Carter can tame his attitude then he might be a good kicker....If not all you will have is ATTITUDE We will see................
  22. Rebel06


    Northeast Tennessee Regionals at Tennessee High School in Bristol Jan 24.
  23. simply because kitz had 958 and no disrespect im just sayin 958 is is 207 yards better and personally i dont think you can say they are better maybe as good but not better
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