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  1. Plenty of room at the Nest
  2. The Mac Daddy is indeed in the big city of Huntland
  3. If you don't like it don't come! Miserable people always want company by being negative!
  4. I'm pretty sure the Tooth coached 6 years and what did Mac do off the field at FC? Our President has a WILD past but most choose to to forget that! I hope FC gets a good one, it's getting tough to win in the country county schools these days. Best of luck to them
  5. Greg Mantooth win % was 47%...and Mac’s was 48% At FC
  6. Since 2006 there has Been 5 head coaches only Jim Carr got more that 2 years....
  7. The only starter not in the game on Huntland's only TD was #9 and #15
  8. My nephew promoted himself by his play, you need a Job and a friend. Do you have a username for each personality?
  9. Tipton is a man and Ensley too! https://www.hudl.com/video/3/7939375/5d7901cac11a1b0db8879eaf
  10. The Huntland Kid has 1,567 rushing 16 TDs this year and 4,573 career rushing yards with 56 tds. He also has 3 kick returns this year . Huntland has 2 RB's over 1,200 yards...
  11. If FC gets rid of Mac Daddy then it proves it's a death trap! Mac has never had a losing season as a HC in 31 has a head coach until this year. FC needs to stick with a coach like they did with Coach Carr, that's the only time the program was stable in the last 15 years!
  12. This is the OC at Huntland and Volnation,phil24, and his other 6 handles she uses, is a miserable Moore County alum that has mental issues. I’m not going to LC nor a whistleblower, what that miserable person doesn’t know is the TSSAA only takes calls, issues from Administration or AD’s. Now do us all a Favor and leave our county miserable pathetic middle women.
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