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  1. Mac's QB threw 248x last year...If they'd limited that...they'd likely won more games. The best offensive style to get kids out is winning and Mac knows how to do that. No coach wants anymore me first kids out anyways, if a kid throws 7x a game and wins that should be enough.
  2. The Mac attack is back! The Ground and pound is coming thru like a freight train!
  3. Cornersville by as many as they want.
  4. The best player was kicked off last year and now he is hungry...They also got many more out of the halls that had previously quit the program. They are South Pitt of the south!
  5. City has two 6'3" wr's...and a RB that can float!!!!! If marion can't cover the pass...they will be in deep do do
  6. Upset about us beating em and ruining there District chance.
  7. Congratulations Coach Mike Holt!!!! Great Coach and Man!
  8. In what sport has FC won 20+ games? The beauty of coacht is, you can go back and look at the schedules. The only Franklin co teams winning 20+ games were the Huntland Hornets and Lady Hornets! Also Mike Holt is a good coach,teacher,and person stop trying to run him down because you are miserable in your own skin! The problem with FC is a bunch of NEGATIVE people like FCMom! Amber Gilliam will bring a great attitude to FC, show her love not negativity!
  9. Do you remember the knee we took on the 1 yard line? Could’ve been much worse...Huntland has 240 students versus 500+ lol I’d be still upset too !
  10. No no no, My sources tell me a new front runner has applied..... Coach D. Jolly!
  11. Huntland’s Sean McClennan has applied! He a D1 daughter that’s an upcoming freshman!
  12. My sources tell me former Rebel boys coach Carlos Smith is the front Runner!
  13. Forrest 9-1 at the very least
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