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  1. It is owned by the city and numerous schools play their games there
  2. I know they have been talking about it but nothing was finalized yet.
  3. Tim Haney has stepped down as the head football coach of the Bartlett Panthers. I am sure there ought to be quite a few applicants for this job. with only 1 HS in a city of almost 60,000.
  4. Brighton, Covington and Munford are all in Tipton County which is the first county north of Shelby. Fayette Academy is in Fayette Co but everyone else is in Shelby
  5. QB Malik Jackson with 9 total touchdowns-4 passing, 5 rushing
  6. Kalyn Grandberry-Raleigh Egypt. Has played in the equivalent of 7 games this year. Has 1546 yds rushing (10.8/carry) with 32 TD. Has 34 total TD's which breaks the regular season TD record for Shelby County and he has one game remaining. Averages 185.4 all purpose yds per game & his team is undefeated & #2 in the state
  7. Are the Crockett Co games broadcast on the radio and/or online? If so, who does them? I host a radio show in Memphis and would like to have someone on to preview this game. Any help that could be provided is appreciated.
  8. I want to just wanted to thank AD Mike Poteete, Jon Davidson and Andy Collins for all of their help in securing a place in the press box for me to do my radio show and stats. It was a great atmosphere, great hospitality and a hard hitting football game. I can't address the things on the field until I see the film. What I can address is the lack of class of grown men who don't understand that this a high school football game with 14-18 yr old boys. I have had several reports of men who were over by the Millington sideline that were talking trash to the Trojan football players. Really? 30,40,50 yr old men talking trash to a teenager? Buy a ticket, sit in the stands and cheer YOUR team on. Nothing more, nothing less.
  9. The QB in question had been cleared to practice on Monday of last week. He practiced two days and they did not make a decision until right before the game that he was going to be able to play.
  10. They have played one team this year that ran the wing T but it wasn't your typical wing T team. This coaching staff is very familiar with the offense since they ran it for about a 10 year period until 2012. Millington has only been in the spread since then. Am looking forward to a good hard hitting game and may the best team win.
  11. Interesting game. LC is a predominantly running team. Millington used to be that same type of team and ran that same offense until a few years ago when they changed to the spread. Trojans have been hit with injuries to key positions the last half of the year. They are on their 3rd quarterback (a freshman) and on their third running back (also a freshman) since week 5. The defense is still pretty good. Take away the MBA & Liberty games and Millington has allowed 70 pts in 8 games. I am interested in seeing how we try to stop #23, Lovelace. He is quite a ballplayer.
  12. Randy72, what if there were 9 eligible teams in your natural quad and you somehow were #9 according to the tiebreaker standings. If they don't move you, you don't make the playoffs. The goal is to get the top 32 teams and once you do that, then you seed them. Next year you won't have to worry about it because the TSSAA has changed the system and gone back to the old way. Top 4 in each league make the playoffs. Want a home game? Finish first or second. If you don't, then you can't complain.
  13. I think Independence gets shipped to quad 4. They have been sent there multiple times before when there weren't enough teams in that area. I see no reason why they wouldn't do it again
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