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  1. So, would you still consider South Pitt a traditional power?
  2. No, I said ballsy, you said stupid. Suicide remains to be seen. But your point is taken and understood my friend
  3. I wouldn't say it's stupid. Ballsy? Most definitely. Injuries are a concern of course with many 1A players having to go both ways. Maybe the coach has an underlying goal of getting his players exposed to big time comp, thus exposure to colleges/recruiting? Just a thought. Regardless, I'm impressed with his mission
  4. Kudos to the Pirates for stepping it up...WAY up. Those young men are gonna be battle tested for sure come playoffs. Only thing I don't like about this is it's so close to end of regular season...injuries and all. I remember thinking back from '13 through '18..why the heck is Mitchell playing Whitehaven. But, if you look back, Mitchell did well repping 2A each year, especially in '16 when they lost 33-0 to Whitehaven...then Whitehaven ended up beating Oakland in state 12-9. I think Mitchell got put out in quarters maybe to Trez. Anyway, very interesting the new coach is dropping the gauntlet from jump...I like it personally. Good luck on the season Pirates(hat is tipped)!
  5. Any thoughts from you guys in the know about who will replace Dyer? That's one thing that's glaring to me about our success since 2013-14...we've had quite a bit of turnover in coaching. On one hand, it's nice to see coaches moving up and onward, but on the other hand it would be nice to have more stability(make no mistake, I applaud those coaches and don't blame them for taking their opportunity) . The list goes on for coaches that have used TC as a springboard for self promotion...that's just a fact of life for succesful 1A and 2A programs especially(btw I think that's THE number one reason for Peabody's success..holding on to top notch coaching..that alone draws talent, and is pretty darn nice to have for in-game adjustments and program management). Just putting down some thoughts I had..would love to hear other's thoughts.
  6. FYP Just make sure those Rockpile warriors show up to support their region brethren BYW, where's ol DoyleHargravesConstruction? Miss his commentary....best user name/handle ever
  7. Thus, why I said, "pretty vanilla" If you think you're gonna get an accurate injury update on here, I got some Creek front property to sell ya
  8. 1) capitalizing on scoring opportunities 2) win turnover battle 3) win special teams 4) eliminate penalties Pretty vanilla and simple in concept, but we all know how that goes The team that can do that will win this game
  9. And once again the Chinese "Year of the COVID" strikes.... I will say, reflecting back to August/September, I'm amazed we've made it this far. I would've bet good money we'd never make playoffs. That being said, you'd have to be BidenLevelLooney to keep me from seeing my kids play in state semifinals! Just reach out to one of the fine fellas from TC..I'm sure they'll sneak you in from the baseball field lol
  10. "Biggest" question is....and enquiring minds wanna know: Who did it better? '91-'94 Buffalo Bills or.......2018-2020 H20 Tigers?
  11. Yeah I couldn't find any on YouTube or NFHS. Thank you sir
  12. Yeti, is there any film of you guys anywhere? I'm having difficulty finding anything
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