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  1. TennSportsFan77

    Westview is in search of new Head Coach

    So what’s going on here
  2. TennSportsFan77

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    Congrats to Scotts Hill on a great hire.
  3. TennSportsFan77

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    What is the tiimeline for hiring a coach at Scotts Hill? I am interested in who gets this job.
  4. TennSportsFan77

    Dyersburg at Ripley

    Dyersburg by 35+
  5. TennSportsFan77

    McNairy at Milan

    I think this will be a closer game than some expect.
  6. TennSportsFan77

    Scotts Hill at Riverside

    Riverside wins
  7. TennSportsFan77

    Milan @ Covington Week 5

    Covington wins
  8. TennSportsFan77

    Covington @ McNairy County week 3

    MCHS is improved this year but not ready to go toe to toe vs a team like Covington.
  9. TennSportsFan77

    Obion Cty. Rebels at Dyersburg Trojans

    Going to try and make a home Dyersburg game this season.
  10. TennSportsFan77

    Camden @ Huntingdon

    Huntingdon wins
  11. TennSportsFan77

    Waynesboro vs riverside

    Riverside by 14+
  12. TennSportsFan77

    Peabody @ Union City

    should be a good one
  13. TennSportsFan77

    Hardin Co. Sophomore TE offered by Memphis

    Good looking kid
  14. TennSportsFan77

    Coffman leaving Riverdale

    Surprised at this as well. I’m sure they made him an incredible offer.
  15. TennSportsFan77

    AA State Championship Game

    Greeneville is the best team