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  1. csavage

    Oak Ridge Vs Bradley Central

    Congratulations Bradley Central
  2. csavage

    Never too early...AAA Predictions

    Congratulations Bradley Central.
  3. csavage

    2018-2019 8AA

    Ease up man. Far from mediocre. State semis and state finals last two years. If all goes well back in state tourney next year. Nothing mediocre about that. Good team of hard working young ladies who deserve more than mediocre.
  4. Are u related to the savage girl that plays st Cookeville and made all region team?

    1. csavage


      Yes. My daughter

  5. csavage

    Region 3AAA

    Congratulations Bradley. Good luck to Bradley and Stone Memorial in substate. Both have a chance to win.
  6. csavage

    Region 3AAA

    Cookeville won
  7. csavage

    District 6AAA

    Well regular season almost over. How do you think district tournament will go?
  8. csavage

    Buffaloes vs Bobcats

  9. csavage


    Bobcatfan, Jimbo didn't say it was their worst defeat in years. It was their worst performance. JC scores first and then proceeds to not score until about 1 minute left in third. To go over twenty straight minutes without scoring was the point not the overall loss. Everyone in the stands that night was surprised. This is not to down any program or lift any program just an observation.
  10. Cookeville 28-7 halftime. Cavs started slow but finished half playing well. See what second half has for them.
  11. csavage

    Cookeville at Blackman

    28-21 Blackman final. Hopefully Cookeville gets back on track next week against Coffee.
  12. csavage

    Cookeville at Blackman

    14-14 halftime
  13. csavage

    Cookeville at Blackman

    Any score predictions?
  14. csavage

    Siegel vs. Cookeville

    Great job Siegel