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  1. I always figured the football playoffs would be better if they used an analytics/computer ranking system determining a team's success. Similar to the Z-plan, but teams won't get the benefit of beating bad teams in football, and bad teams won't get punished for losing to a great team, may even get credit for hanging in that game.
  2. TCA job is no longer on the bulletin board.
  3. You made a major mistake by claiming I'm a fan of that school down there. I'm a North Side by heart! Not that other school
  4. Relaxxx. Just go hit up the Catfish Cabin and enjoy a fish fillet
  5. She probably needs to run for mayor in Dyer. Heard lots of people in Dyer were upset over the election y'all had in November. Point being: I know Greenfieldfan is saying Greenfield's team with Chloe and Tess would be the best team ever, and I doubt that's true. I will take those North Side girls with LaVanda Ross, Sha Brooks, Gwen Delk and a good complimentary support cast over what we have witnessed at Greenfield. I'm sure the same with you and the GC girls in 09/10. Agreed with what you said, fans can pick the best "team" from their school and can figure out how they can beat those recent Greenfield teams. Goodluck in Loretto
  6. I'll definitely take my 2005-2006 North Side girls over any of those Greenfield teams that Tess and Chloe were on. It's not a shot at Greenfield either. Not to mention the 04-05 North Side girls with Sha Brooks on it, and even the Dyersburg girls in that same year.
  7. That last part is new. I knew the three game series is true, I know the double elimination is true. Back to the 3 game series, I do think all 3 games are at the higher seeds field, but I do think the "road" team will be the "home" team in one of those games. I don't think they're literally going to drive to that place to play that game.
  8. You're delusional if you think that's going to get enforced by the umpires.
  9. I went back and watched the first half between Trinity Christian and Gibson County girls that happened in early December to see if there would be any shot clock violations if the players to play with the current NCAA rules (:30 seconds in full length, :20 seconds if there would be a foul (inside :20 second mark), kick ball, or an offensive rebound). In that first half, there would be 1 shot clock violation (Gibson County held the ball for nearly 1 minute late in the second quarter). Other than that one possession, there were lots of shots being released with 5-10 seconds to spare left on the imaginary shot clock (thank you for TCA for broadcasting the game that showed the scoreboard and the game clock). The pace was great, lots of field goal attempts, and that resulted in 74 points combined in the first half between the two teams. Yes, it does help when there are good players playing for both teams. Point of what I'm trying to say, I don't think adding a shot clock would effect a lot of teams in terms of pace. If it were to effect some teams, then they need to make an adjustment to increase their pace of play. Teams have 10 seconds to get it across half court, so I do understand if TSSAA were to follow current NCAA rules and put :20 seconds on an offensive rebound. I may go travel an hour plus to watch a region championship between Westview and Gibson County, and I may take a sick day off work and travel 2 and a half hours to watch 4-5 games in Murfreesboro to see the state tournament. As a fan, I do not want to see a team stall. Period. I simply don't care for any strategic reasons. TSSAA let school officials/personnel handle the play clock for the regular season during the football season. I don't really see an issue if they let school officials/personnel handle it during the regular season in basketball. If the game officials are noticing a trend that a school personnel is favoring their team with the shot clock, then issue a warning. If it were to happen again, then issue a one shot technical foul for the other team. A small penalty against the home team that may be cheating in a way regarding the shot clock. Regarding to the price for the installation of a shot clock and getting someone to run is bogus. If a high school just installed a turf field or LED lights for their football stadium and a new indoor practice facility, then trust me, they can afford a shot clock. Add $0.50 cents to the popcorn and coke, and that'll offset the "game fee" for someone to run the shot clock. It's not that hard to think about.
  10. 23-19 was the final score between Munford/Obion Central? What happened...
  11. They struggled the past two years, and they'll likely struggle again this upcoming season. Thompkins is a good player, but all teams are going to have to do is load the box and make TCA throw the ball downfield effectively. Can they do that with a new QB? Who knows. I watched TCA's film in one of their games last year, and they made an obvious adjustment between first and second quarters, which I liked. The offensive line is something they need to work on. They couldn't run the ball between the tackles and then they used a lot of stretch/outside runs in the second quarter of that game. I would like for them to get into more 21 personnel and not 11 personnel, and get more pro stylish. They used an H back to help block, but they could very well used a two running backs and go counter off the edge, and used the TE/RB as a lead blocker(s). When you see TCA's offense, you're looking at a team that appears to be throwing the ball 30 times a game, and not run the ball 30 times. However, the offensive line is something they need to address. I do think Butler was a good coach for them and did get a lot out of what he had.
  12. They pulled a page out of the NBA and she missed due to "left ear and pinky finger soreness"
  13. Officiating will get better whenever the politics side is out of the industry, which will never happen. Stop rewarding officials for "marquee games" or state tournaments when all they did was officiate for a long time, doesn't mean they're good. Much rather have a young and upcoming official call games that cares about the game than someone that's old is there to collect a check. But the old person is the one that gets rewarded because he/she is "experienced" (doesn't mean he/she is actually good) while the young one gets screwed.
  14. Around 10 years ago somebody did that near the Murfreesboro area and I think they ended up getting kicked out of the postseason for it. As a fan, I wouldn't want to pay my money to watch a team intentionally stall out at game (some team in Oklahoma did that a few weeks ago). I get the whole "strategy" and what not, but it's also a disgrace to the game. Main reason why I'm a fan of installing the shot clock, which really shouldn't effect a lot of teams if they play with good pace.
  15. I just wish there's a way to eliminate "unnecessary travel" when it comes to Region games. As Reitz mentioned about, USJ and TCA played in Memphis tonight at Harding Academy. I just wish there's a way Harding Academy, JCS (or another school in Jackson), and the TSSAA can find a way to reach an agreement to move the game to another location that's closer to the two schools that are playing. While doing that, give Harding Academy both 60% of the gate and 60% of the concession stand sales so they aren't treated wrong or anything. The school that host the game receives the rest of the money. I just thought of this idea recently, but I think it's a win/win to eliminate long and unnecessary travel. Obviously, there would have to be a few agreements and all.
  16. Because hiring Kellie Harper was a mistake to begin with, but no one in Knoxville is going to admit it. Tennessee needs to move on from the Pat Summitt tree and start fresh (other than Kara Lawson). Tennessee does not look athletic, they don't play with this edge that South Carolina (and you can say Indiana) plays with, and they don't look like they're in shape. There's no life around that program anymore, and it's sad. And you're right, Chloe has what Tennessee is missing. I hate that Tennessee didn't offer Chloe, but Chloe is doing just fine in Indiana, and that's great! Kellie Harper didn't deserve the job, but she got it because she played high school in Tennessee and played at Tennessee. Politics is still running that university.
  17. Tennessee I'm taking that's who you're referring to?
  18. The gut punch is Kim Mulkey taking that LSU job in year 2 I think and is now a top 5/10 team, while Tennessee is just struggling to win consistently.
  19. I'm not surprised, I've been disappointed with Tennessee Lady Vols basketball for a while now. The "it's all going to work out in the end" is true for both Chloe and Tess. One is playing for a college in her home state wearing the Orange and White. The other is seemed to be playing a huge role on a team that has great Final Four potential, while it seems like she's having fun and the Indiana fans are embracing her.
  20. I get what you're saying, but I also think it depends on when you play "tough teams." If team A played a series of "tough teams" around Thanksgiving, and team B played a series of "tough teams" around the MLK Holiday, I would say that Team B can learn from it more because it's a recent battle. No offense to teams that played "tough teams" around Thanksgiving, but that was over 2 1/2 months ago, so that "learning experience" may have worn off by now.
  21. I'm glad to know you looked that up. Here's a cookie!
  22. I don't think the "playing touch opponents, it only makes you better" is working out for the North Side girls very well.
  23. Chloe did a great job guarding and disrupting Caitlin Clark the other night. She perfects her role and she is in great shape, and seems to be having fun playing a game of basketball. I've been impressed with Indiana in the women's game more than any other team that's out there.
  24. I think Kublah explained it very well at the top. I'm not a USJ poster, but I do know Bradley probably wanted to go back to East Tennessee.
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