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  1. why did Warren Co not request a non-region schedule like white co did?
  2. "They better, as after this week they have R'dale and Oakland the next two weeks. " Maybe.........maybe not...........
  3. powereyeleadoption


    Mollycoddle; To be overprotective and indulgent toward. n. A person, especially a man or a boy, who is pampered and overprotected.
  4. Could this be Warren Co's only shot for W this year?
  5. it says a lot about the program when the local paper will not put them in the "pick the winner" list of games.
  6. powereyeleadoption


    Congratulations to New coach Trice Powers, getting recognized by his peers with the coach of the year award.
  7. powereyeleadoption


    They are playing a much tougher schedule than the past 4 or 5 years and should be in good shape come tournament time.
  8. powereyeleadoption


    less than a year ago you all were trying to get rid of your coach!!! WarriorFan2017 replied to redbluebaseball's topic in Baseball I am aWhite County Warrior baseball fan thru and thru, But the time has come for the coaching staff to be replaced! There has been too much talent go thru that system in the past several years and there is way too much talent there now to be sitting in 4th place i
  9. This coach never was successful in middle school and has shown she cannot win in high school. Time to end the misery.
  10. I think this will be a normal Thursday night Freshmen game for Oakland.
  11. This is the best team Cookeville has had in past few years but after watching Oakland the last couple of weeks, I don't see anything slowing them down.
  12. you my fried are blind, I was referring to dressed in full pads LOL!! I was at the Blackman game and counted 30-33 players on the side line in full pads. With WC taking off for fall break, I wonder how many will just skip out on the last 2 games.
  13. the bigger question is will Warren Co dress more than 30 players this week?
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